Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


May 15 – C.P. Huff responded to 2831 Pelzer Hwy. To Bradley Auto, where Elizabeth Bradley reported that someone had cut the fence and broke into five vehicles, stealing several items including GPS units and a handgun. They also stole a motorcycle and a pickup truck. The total loss was $5150.

May 16 – P.D. Marter was dispatched to the WalMart at 11410 Anderson Rd. where Christopher Cunningham, BM, 22, 5’11″, 150 pounds, was placed on trespass notice.

May 16 – J.R. Richey responded to 107 Cascade Court where Amanda Saylors reported that her live in boyfriend, name and description withheld, had threatened her during an argument. He also allegedly broke a window and ransacked the kitchen area. Saylors refused to press charges and no actual assault took place. No arrest was made at the time.

May 17 – D. McQueen responded to the WalMart in reference to a shoplifting incident. A black male walked out with a shopping cart containing merchandise and fled in a silver KIA sedan bearing SC tag #JWS670.

May 17 – J.T. Smith responded to -where else- the WalMart where loss prevention officer Keith Reese reported that two middle aged black women had paid for approximately a third of the merchandise they left with, by canceling transactions at the self checkout. They left in a vehicle bearing tag # IVR 941.


May 15 – D. McQueen responded to 130 Moore’s Mill Rd. in reference to a burning vehicle. The Wren Fire Department was on the scene. The truck was stripped of most usable parts and was burned beyond recognition.

May 15 – J.R. Richey responded to the 7-11 store at 1645 Hwy. 8, where the night clerk reported that a white male had driven off in a gold colored Jeep Grand Cherokee without paying for $40 worth of gas.

May 16 – A.G. Banister was dispatched to the Mexican restaurant at Hwy. 8 and Hwy. 20 in Pelzer. Upon arrival, he made contact with Charles Q. Lister, Jr., WM, 39, 6′, 209 pounds passed out at a table. He was unable to stand, became belligerent, and had two BB pistols on his person. He was arrested for public disorderly conduct and taken to ACDC.

May 18 – M.T. Grant responded to 3 River St. where Kathy Nabors reported the theft of her 1996 Ford Windstar van, valued at $800.


May 15 – M.T. Stipe was on patrol on River Road when he saw a black Toyota Corolla and ran the tag. Central dispatch returned the tag as belonging to a car with canceled insurance. Upon stopping the car, the driver, Joan Hill, BF, 5’2″, 175 pounds, admitted that the car, which had belonged to her deceased boyfriend, had not been insured in some time. The car was impounded and Hill was charged with no insurance and a suspended tag.

May 16 – J Velez was on patrol along River Rd. when he saw a driver without a seat belt. He initiated a traffic stop and subsequently took Jennifer Mayfield, WF, 32, 5’4″, 120 pounds into custody for DUS and possession of methamphetamine.

May 17 – C.P. Huff responded to the Pilot Truck Stop at 110 Frontage Rd. where Cleon Lloyd, of Rowland NC, reported he had been scammed out of $1000 he gave a guy for a four wheeler.


May 17 -A.M. Rankin responded to 172 G St. where Pascual Gaspar reported the theft of his license tag from his vehicle.