Register to vote at Spring Water Festival


Attendees of the upcoming Spring Water Festival will be able to register to vote and find out more about South Carolina’s Voting System while at the festival. As public service to attendees of the Festival, the South Carolina Election Commisssion will be providing information and registering people to vote in the upcoming General Election in November.

Voter registration will be available for festival attendees who may have turned or will turn 18 years of age prior to the General Election, students who are of voting age and have not registered, attendees who may have recently moved into the county or who need to update voter registration information.

The efforts are to help people be ready to vote in November. The SC Election Commission is non-partisan in their efforts and support South Carolina’s 46 county voter registration offices.

Materials available at their display will include current brochures regarding: Voting in South Carolina, Absentee Voting in South Carolina, Voter Registration in South Carolina, Access for all Voters in South Carolina – ( the brochure is for people with disabilities) and 123 Vote – How to use South Carolina’s Voting System, including information regarding Photo ID.