Williamston Police investigating assault incident



Jan. 24 – Williamston police officers are investigating an assault incident in which three black males hit and kicked a white male after the white male and one of the black males got into a physical altercation.
According to reports, Cody Keith Dalrymple, 23, of Williamston went to 101 Bigby St., to assist a friend moving from the residence. A verbal altercation with a person identified as Bryson Jackson, of 104 Bigby St., turned physical. Dalrymple stated he was getting the best of Jackson when two black males charged him, then hit and kicked him as he was down in the roadway.
The attack stopped when an unknown subject intervened.
Dalrymple was able to get into his vehicle and leave. He was treated by EMS at his residence for possible broken ribs and a large road rash contusion to the forehead. He also had multiple abrasions to his arms and hands.
Officers responded to Bigby St. but were unable to locate any of the subjects. The incident remains under investigation. L. B. Culbertson, R. Drennon investigated.
Officers also investigated another Bigby Street incident on January 28 involving a person pointing and presenting a firearm described as an assault rifle with a round drum.
According to reports, after responding to a domestic call on Bigby Street, officers located a vehicle on Tripp Street and observed a black male stepping away from the vehicle as they approached.
Officers requested assistance by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department due to being outside the town limits.
The suspect, Anthony Daquan Dean, 24, of 18 Brown St., Williamston stated he did not own an AK and that the vehicle he was driving belonged to his girlfriend and she refused to let officers search the vehicle for the assault rifle. Dean’s drivers license was suspended.
The request for assistance from Anderson County was canceled and officers left the area. The incident remains under investigation and was being presented to a judge with warrants pending.
Jan 23 – Erica Alicia Ann Wooten, 21, 2812 Airline Rd,. Anderson was arrested and issued a summons for driving under suspension and operating an uninsured vehicle after a 2015 Volkswagen was observed traveling 46 mph in a 35 mph zone. Her license had been suspended for failure to pay a traffic ticket. She was issued a warning for speeding and the vehicle was towed. K. Anthony investigated.
Feb. 5 – Wayne Pawlak, 200 Greenville Dr., Williamston reported a vehicle theft. No additional information was provided in the report. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.
Feb. 3 – Daniel Allen Vance, 31, 118 G. St., Williamston was arrested for simple assault after officers responded to a domestic dispute at 118 G. St. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Jan. 26 – Jimmy Fletcher, 71, 100 W. 1st. St., Williamston reported a check forgery on his local credit union account. A check written in the amount of $40 was changed to $80. Det. G. Culbertson investigated.
Jan. 30 – Main Street Quick Lube, 211 W. Main St., Williamston reported vandalism of a change machine. According to reports an unknown person attempted to break into the change machine causing $2000 in damage. R. Drennon responded. The incident remains under investigation.
Jan. 30 – Brian Johnathon Young, 45, 168 Richardson, Dr., Pelzer was arrested for harassment after officers responded to Blondie and Flo’s, 109 E. Main in reference to an occurrence between a male and a female at the location. According to reports, Young became verbally aggressive toward the responding officers who placed him into investigative detention. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Jan. 30 – Paul C. Addington, 90, 9 Pinecrest Dr., Williamston reported a verbal altercation in his car in which a named suspect threatened to beat him. When he pulled over to call for help, the female in the vehicle got out. She was located later and stated she got out to avoid any further confrontation. The incident was to be presented to a judge. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Jan. 30 – Officers were dispatched to 602 Williams St,. Williamston in reference to a break-in in progress. According to reports, Donovan Shayne Trueland, 26, of 602 Williams St, reported that Joshua Ryan Karr. 25, 143 Belton Farm Rd., Belton entered the house through a bedroom window. He was confronted inside the residence and they began to fight. Officers later made contact with Karr who said he did enter the home, but was invited by Trueland’s girlfriend. The incident was presented to a judge. R. Drennon investigated.
Jan. 28 – Susan Georgette Reid, 41, 2 W. 1st St., Williamston reported a break-in in which nothing was taken. The incident remains under investigation. K. Anthony investigated.
Jan. 24 – Paul C. Addington, 90, 9 Pinecrest Drive, Williamston reported a H&R 9MM semi-auto pistol and several books of BBT checks missing from the residence. The incident remains under investigation by Det. G. Culbertson.
Jan. 21 – Sara Kenley Tate, 17, 159 Rhodes Rd., Piedmont reported a financial transaction card fraud incident in which a stolen TD bank card was used for a $19.18 charge at Burger King, 905 Greenville Dr. in Williamston. The card was stolen along with a purse during an auto break-in in Greenville County on Jan. 21. Det. G. Culbertson is investigating.