Sheriff McBride statement on school safety


Over the last week, the number of calls and messages we have received regarding threats of violence against our schools has dramatically increased. We understand the concerns parents have about the safety of their children.

We are also concerned. Our children attend the same schools as your children and we want them to feel safe when we cannot be with them.

Right now, the nation is on edge and conversation across the country has been focused on school safety. Your Sheriff’s Office is committed to the safety of our schools and has been working closely with administrators in every district to address this very important issue.

We will continue to provide an increased presence of deputies in our schools and especially those where specific threats have been made. We take these threats VERY seriously and are investigating each one.

If we find that children are making these threats thinking it is a joke or for any other reason, we will work closely with the Solicitor’s Office to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those who are propagating this fear and causing disruptions in the schools and classrooms.

Parents PLEASE monitor your children as they use social media. Much of what is happening is simply conversation about a very serious topic and kids need to talk about it. The rumors and gossip and telling kids to stay home from school is only working to further instill fear in our children.

We are committed to the safety of our children and the schools they attend and ask parents to report concerns to school administrators and law enforcement.

Together, we will navigate this troubling time in our nation and restore the sense of peace our children deserve while they are learning and growing. Together, we will stand against the violence and threats.

We greatly appreciate the relationships with our parents and schools and want you to know we are fully engaged in securing these facilities.

Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride