Two Stewart Streets could be a big problem


By Stan Welch
West Pelzer Mayor Blake Sanders made an appearance before the Pelzer Town Council Tuesday night to make a request. Sanders asked the council to consider renaming Stewart Street because West Pelzer also has a street so named.
“We have had several issues regarding confusion about the two streets. One citizen had their cable service disconnected and was about to have their electrical service interrupted, because the service personnel were at the wrong address. We have also had emergency responders dispatched to the wrong address,” said Sanders. “While I realize that there are more residents on your Stewart Street than on ours, West Pelzer Elementary is on ours, which would make a street name change a very big headache. We would have to inform all those parents, grandparents, vendors and other people we haven’t even thought of yet. So I would ask your consideration in this case,” said Sanders.
Pelzer Mayor Roger Scott assured Sanders that the Council would take the matter under consideration and respond in a timely manner.
Councilman Eddie Waits reported that repairs and renovations on the gym have been completed. “We need to get bids on the work we need to do on the old hospital building. It will be a multi use building, containing our town hall. It also has a large room where we could hold our meetings.” Council agreed to Waits suggestion that they all meet at the site next week and determine exactly what needs to be done.
Waits continued with his requests for additional remodeling and refurbishing projects, moving to the community building , where he recommends duplicating the covered entrance and additional lighting. The second entrance would also have an ADA compliant deck. The cost would be covered by the remaining funds from a 2015 PARD grant that also funded the work on the main entrance.
Waits also asked that the council consider adding security lights under the picnic shelter, and enclosing the wiring for the shelter in PVC pipe. A discussion was also held on changing the hours for the Monkey Park to be open, according to season.
Mayor Scott reminded the council that the contract for lawn care is about to expire, adding that it will be put out for bids. Waits suggested a flexible schedule instead of a monthly or bi-weekly one, so that seasonal spikes in vegetation growth could be addressed.