Local photographers exhibit on display at Williamston Municipal Center

There are some folks in the area who are doing some great work with their cameras, and until August, local residents have a chance to study a sampling of their work, in print form and up close!
The second annual “Shooting from Different Angles” local photographers’ show is now on display at the Williamston Municipal Center’s Exhibit Hall. The exhibit features work by Yvonne Jones, Mike Gowan, Jack Ellenburg and Tom Lee. Visitors will see photos with several varied themes or viewpoints, but all with the local community as their focus.
Talking about one of her nature photographs, Yvonne Jones said, “I was concentrating on getting a shot of a woodpecker, and I saw a dead tree. Suddenly, a Barred Owl flew out of the tree, and I was able to track him and capture his picture.”
Of one of his sports pictures, Mike Gowan says, “I never had an idea what effect a soccer ball hitting the side of a player’s face might have until I captured it in a photograph. To the high schooler’s credit, he kept on playing!”
Jack Ellenburg’s photography is a combination of art and documentary, and all subjects come from the local community. He is an advocate of positive local activism.
Tom Lee is an experienced photography and videography instructor. He is an active contributor to the Upstate Museum’s many projects. He is currently involved in a project researching and documenting the history of Donaldson Air Force Base.
The exhibit is open to the public during regular operating hours of the Municipal Center through July.