Williamston Police Report

Williamston police officers recently investigated the following incidents:
Nov. 10 – Joshua Brandon Dobson, 27, 101 Duckworth Dr., Williamston reported a silver crucifix necklace valued at $200 and other items missing from  his residence. D. Jackson investigated.
Oct. 19 – Rockey Daniel Burgess reported a generator taken from the back of a camper at his business at 400 Palmetto Road, Williamston. The generator was described as yellow and black 5000 watt Champion Generator valued at $600. Surveillance video showed a black Dodger Voyager van pulled onto the property and a suspect illegally taking the item. Sgt. M. Eddleman investigated.
Nov. 8 – Amanda Leigh Compton, 44, 2114 W. Whitner St., Anderson reported an I Phone 8 plus cell valued at $800 taken from a grocery cart while as she was stocking items at Dollar Tree, 1 Greenville Dr., in Williamston. Sgt. M. Eddleman investigated.
Nov. 7 – Nikke Maranda Porter, 24, 131 Pickens Circle, Anderson was issued a UTT for driving under suspension after a vehicle was observed traveling at 45 mph in a 35 mph zone on Anderson Drive. She was issued a warning for speeding and issued the UTT for driving under suspension. Subject was allowed to contact a valid driver to come drive the vehicle home. C. D. Brown, D. R. Hart investigated.
Nov. 8 – Matthew Henry Helmuth, 24, 9 Beattie St., Pelzer was arrested for disorderly conduct in public after officers responded to 103 Greenville Drive in reference to an intoxicated person. When officers arrived, a store employee stated there as a male subject in the restroom who had been in there for awhile and would not come out. He had an open can of beer with him. When he came out he was escorted outside, placed under arrest and transported to ACDC without furthur incident. R. Drennon investigated.
Oct. 26 – Michael J. Adragna, 55 203 Waterfront Drive, Williamston reported a leaf blower and five fishing rods missing from his garage. The items were valued at $650. B. K. Creel investigated.
Oct. 25 – Gregory Lavette Young, 49, 114 Jackson St., Anderson was arrested for driving under suspension after a blue and white pick up truck was observed on Anderson Dr. with one headlight working. He was issued a warning for the broken headlight. Young requested a black bag in the truck come with him to ACDC. The bag contained two “weed” pipes which were removed and placed into evidence for destruction. C. D. Brown, D. R. Hart investigated.
Oct. 24 – Broadway Technologies, Inc., 203 N. Hamilton St., reported a larceny of items valued at $195. No additional information provided. C. C. Brown investigated.
Oct. 21 – Susan Kay Cox, 64, 1450 Cheddar Rd., Belton reported a heat pump valued at $4000 missing and other damage to a rental property at 16 Mineral Park Lane. Three thermal windows were broken, back door frame, hot water heater and two bedroom doors were all damaged. Damages were estimated $1500. Sgt. M. Eddleman investigated.
Oct. 18 – Kenneth Cribb, 110 Gossett St., reported that while at 101 Middleton Blvd., Mark John Doker, 60, of 101 Middleton Blvd., had swung a closed fist at Holly Marie Cribb, 33, of 370 Ballard Rd., Pelzer. Doker denied striking the victim, however officers observed a red mark on the right ear and left forearm of the victim and three witnesses stated Doker had struck the victim. He was arrested for simple assault and transported to ACDC. C. D. Brown, D. R. Hart investigated.