West Pelzer Police Reports

The West Pelzer Police Department investigated the following incidents during January:
Jan. 1 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos observed subject Crystal Pearson on Spring Street. She knew that Pearson had an active bench warrant and stopped her. Eliopoulos called for a county deputy to observe a search of Pearson. She subsequently located .12 grams of a powdered substance and Pearson admitted having some marijuana in her bra. Eliopoulos then transported Pearson to the WPPD where she field tested the substance, which proved to be methamphetamine. Pearson was then transported to ACDC for pending charges.
Jan. 5 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos observed a bicycle and back pack at the back door of the Dollar General store. She recognized the items as belonging to Matthew Parsons, WM, 26, who has been on trespass notice for the store for several years. She entered the store and located Parsons, who was found to have some unpaid merchandise in his pockets. He was taken into custody for violation of the trespass notice and transported to ACDC.
Jan. 15 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos stopped a black F-150 pickup for speeding, and recognized the driver and the middle passenger. She knew the passenger to be a meth dealer and asked the driver, Brandon Duvall, to allow a search of the vehicle. He agreed and Lt. Pickens, of ACSO, assisted. He performed a Terry frisk of Duvall and found a syringe and a small metal container with several plastic bags with residue in them. A syringe with a clear liquid was also found in the center console of the truck. Duvall was ticketed for possession of drug paraphernalia and given a court date.
Jan. 16 – Chief Eliopoulos stopped a vehicle for no license tag and subsequently discovered that the driver, Benten Yates, WM, 33 had a suspended license in the state of Mississippi. He was ticketed for no license plate and no driver’s license and given a court date of Feb. 7.
Jan. 21 –  Chief Eliopoulos observed a vehicle with an expired tag. She initiated a traffic stop and learned that the driver, Deborah Annette Gordon, WF, 56, had a suspended license due to an insurance violation. Gordon was ticketed for no license tag and DUS. She was given a court date of March 6.
Jan. 21 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos observed a vehicle with an expired paper tag while on patrol. She initiated a traffic stop and discovered that the driver, Jessica Lee Ellis, was operating without a valid license tag, was driving under suspension, and was driving an uninsured vehicle. Ellis left her vehicle and walked home. The vehicle was impounded.
Jan. 27 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos stopped a vehicle for not having a proper tag. Her subsequent interview of the driver, Amanda Craine, WF, 33, indicated no driver’s license as well. She ticketed Craine for both offenses and issued a court date for March 6.
Jan. 31 – Sgt. Scott Stoller observed a car with paper tags commit several traffic violations, including speeding and failure to use a turn signal. Stoller then attempted to initiate a traffic stop but the subject fled on Marguerite Street. He stopped the vehicle and fled into a bamboo thicket at that location. After a brief foot pursuit, Stoller returned to the abandoned vehicle and secured it. He called for a tow truck, and while compiling an inventory of the car’s contents, he found receipts indicating the identity of the driver. He resumed his foot search but was informed by dispatch that the driver had just called 911 to report the vehicle stolen. Stoller and ACSO Deputy J Cmelya went to the residence, where Howard Glenn Moton, BM, 48, 5’11”, 220 pounds eventually confessed that he had been driving the vehicle earlier.  He was issued a UTT (uniform traffic ticket) and given a court date of Feb. 14.