Pelzer churches vandalized


By Stan Welch
Three of the six Pelzer churches were vandalized last week, with windows being broken and property being otherwise damaged. ACSO Deputy J.M. Bennett responded to Alive Wesleyan, where Pastor Mark Tolan reported that eight windows had been broken and the church otherwise defaced. The damage was estimated at two thousand dollars.
Deputy I.B. Parker responded to Pelzer First Baptists Church where pastor Mark Manes reported that windows had also been broken in the church, and the 2004 Ford church bus had the windshield smashed. That damage was also estimated at two thousand dollars.
The Presbyterian Church on Lebby Street was also damaged. Town officials have expressed their outrage at the damage, citing both the historic and the cultural value of the churches. The very existence of six different churches in a town the size of Pelzer speaks to that impact.
The actions may or may not be directly related or coordinated. An investigation by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is underway. Meanwhile, a one thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible has been established.