West Pelzer Police Report


West Pelzer Police Officers investigated the following incidents in May:

May 9 – Lt. Scott Stoller received a radio call from Anderson County 911 informing him that an off duty law enforcement officer had reported that he was behind a vehicle approaching West Pelzer, and the vehicle was being driven recklessly; crossing the center line, passing illegally and speeding. Stoller initiated a traffic stop after seeing the vehicle cross the center line. The driver, Wilfredo, Paloma Moreno, Hispanic, Male, 5’7”, 230 pounds was charged with Driving without a license (2nd offense) failure to maintain proof of insurance, and violation of a city ordinance. He was arrested and transported to ACDC.
May 10 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos was on patrol when she observed a familiar vehicle; she was also aware that the probable driver, Richard Sanders, had a suspended license. She stopped the vehicle and confirmed that Sanders, WM, 49, 5’7”, 130 pounds, was indeed driving under suspension. The offense was his third in five years. He was accompanied by his disabled girlfriend, who cannot drive and for whom he provides care. Due to her knowledge of that situation, Chief Eliopoulos did not place him in custody but cited him for the third violation. The vehicle was towed after the subject and his companion summoned transportation .
May 14 – Ofc. Ryan Marro served a warrant on a juvenile who had failed to complete a court ordered rehabilitation program, and transported the 17 year old white male to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia.
May 16 – A long running harassment involving obscene and harassing phone calls, texts and the posting of obscene pictures of the victim, whose name is redacted in the police documents. Similar photos were also sent to the victim’s children. After several weeks of investigation and the issuing of a restraining order, as well as warrants for his arrest on harassment charges, Marcus Anthony Holsclaw, WM, 5’7”, 180 pounds was arrested when he appeared for a court date.
May 17 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos initiated a traffic stop and found that the driver, Natasha Glover was driving under suspension (DUS) , third offense. Glover, under questioning, revealed that there was a firearm in the vehicle. The Chief had both her and her passenger exit the car so she could retrieve the weapon to run its serial number. A black digital scale, of the kind used to measure illegal substances, was in plain view in the floor board. The passenger admitted to having marijuana in her pocket and a couple of pipes with drug residue were found. A half gram of a white rock like substance was found on Glover, who was arrested for DUS and drug charges.
May 28 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos responded to 1 Park Street in reference to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, Janice McClain reported that her granddaughter Taylor Alyssa Lee, WF,20,5’3”,119 pounds was inside destroying the residence and acting erratically. The Chief entered and found the girl in a bedroom, smashing things and tearing down items. After several attempts, the Chief got her outside where she continued screaming and cursing loudly. She was placed under arrest for public disorderly conduct and transported to ACDC.