Pelzer approves final budget for 2021-22


By Stan Welch
June, marked by the end of the fiscal year for most governmental agencies and entities, is budget season.
Tuesday night, the Town of Pelzer held a special meeting in order to give final approval to their budget. That budget, which is balanced, reflects no contingency fund in either the general fund portion of the budget or in the public works portion. A contingency fund is also known as a rainy day or emergency fund. The budget does contain a capital projects/reserve fund in the general fund budget. That fund is available for any capital improvements.
The budget, as originally presented, was later adjusted to restore all but seven hours of the police protection provided by off duty county deputies. The adjustment was made by transferring a portion of the town’s administrative salaries to the public works budget; a transfer justified by the portion of the administrative efforts consumed by the public works operations.
Council approved the budget in a very brief meeting, by a vote of 3-2. Mayor Will Ragland, along with Council members Skip Goldsmith and Alicia Tuttle, voted for the budget. Councilmen Eddie Waits and Mike Matthews voted no.