SCDHEC COVID Update delayed until Tuesday – almost 14000 new cases reported Friday


Due to the large volume of test results DHEC is receiving and the need to ensure that data released publicly is as accurate as possible, DHEC announced Monday that reports from Thursday – Sunday will be delayed Monday, Jan. 24 (today) and will be released tomorrow.
According to the website: DHEC regrets this delay and appreciates the public’s patience in efforts to provide accurate COVID-19 data so South Carolinians can have as much information as possible during this unprecedented pandemic.

On Friday (Jan. 21) DHEC reported the following information for Wednesday, Jan. 19:
There were 10,469 new cases and 3,429 probable new cases of coronaviruses reported with 42 related deaths and 13 probable deaths.
DHEC reported 45,132 test results with 32.9 percent positive.
Anderson County reported 477 new cases, 61 probable cases and 1 COVID related death.
Greenville County reported 1,041 new cases, 322 probable cases, 5 deaths and 1 probable death.
Across the state, there were 2468 COVID patients in hospitals with 437 in ICU and 225 on ventilators.
Anderson County reported 127 COVID patients in the hospital with 27 in ICU and 17 on ventilators.
Greenville County reported 353 COVID patients in hospitals with 67 in ICU and 42 on ventilators.
Data from Thursday – Sunday (Jan. 20-24) will be released by DHEC on Tuesday.