Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers recently investigated the following incidents:

May 3 – Greenville and Western Railway reported someone drove through the barricades at Gossett Drive and Main Street. Officers observed that barricades on both sides of the rail bridge had been driven over. SCDOT was notified. Damage was estimated at $400. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.
May 1 – Valerie Epps, 55, 220 North St., Williamston reported an incident of fraud in which “Derrick Mimms” and “Annie Poole” had cashed a loan/check with Mirina Finance Company in Anderson, in the amount of $2,539. The loan/check was cashed by mobile deposit and possibly taken from a mailbox. J. M. Cobb investigated.
May 1 – While patrolling in the area of W. 4th St., Officer J. Cobb was flagged down by Kimberly Dawn Sims, 61, 110 W 4th St., who reported she had been assaulted (slapped in the face) by Lawrence Daniel Turner, 61, of the same address. The incident was presented to Judge Lollis, who advised that there wasn’t enough evidence to obtain a warrant and no charges were filed.
May 1 – Officers investigated a report of a shot fired in the vicinity of Ridge Court however there was no ammo casing or other evidence found in the area. M. Jackson investigated.
Apr. 28 – Eirca Alicia Ann Wooten, 25, 420 Arrow Hear Drive #A, Central reported she wanted to file a missing person report for her father, Thomas Canairad Wooten, 64. The last two known locations for Wooten was Gray Drive, Williamston and Big Woods Circle, Belton. Wooten is described as 6’5″, 190 pounds, gray hair, long beard and walks with a limp. D. R. Hart was reporting officer.
Apr. 28 – Reserve Officer C. Anderson reported he is familiar with Wooten, who was seen about two weeks earlier driving a blue moped on Hwy. 20 in Pelzer.
Apr. 24 – Laura Jean Hairston, 54, 119 Crown St., Williamston reported an incident of harassment in which her ex-boyfriend was calling her eight times a day. Hairston stated she has an active restraining order through Family Court, however dispatch was not able to locate the restraining order. The incident remains under investigation. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.
Apr. 26 – Officers were dispatched to 1214 Dickens Avenue in reference to a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle, a blue, 1990 Ford truck was listed as stolen through the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. The vehicle, valued at $4,000, was processed and towed. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.
Apr. 25 – Officer D. Vickery was dispatched to 301 E. Main St., in reference to a domestic disturbance. The officer made contact with a male and a female who stated they were having a verbal altercation. The male stated the female had hit him with a frying pan in the left back shoulder. Due to conflicting stories and no witnesses, Judge Lollis denied a warrant. No arrest was made.
Apr. 24 – Ricky Bobby Joe Patterson, 63, 221 Mauldin St., Williamston and his wife Patricia Babb Patterson, 64, of the same address, were both arrested for simple assault after R. Patterson reported a verbal altercation with his wife that turned ugly for both. According to reports, both R. Patterson and P. Patterson were determined to be primary aggressor and victim. P. Patterson was arrested and transported to ACDC. R. Patterson turned himself in at the ACDC. Lt. L. B. Culbertson, D. R. Hart investigated.
Apr. 23 – Joshua Ace Webb, 26, 294 Fryman Ct., Oceanside, Ca. was arrested for assault after officers responded to 216 Williamston Court in reference to an altercation. According to reports, Officer D. R. Hart responded to 216 Williamston St. where Esteffani Biaz Webb, 21, 216 Williamston Ct., reported her husband had pushed her following a verbal altercation. J. Webb was arrested and transported to ACDC. Lt. L. B. Culbertson, D. R. Hart investigated.
Apr. 23 – Officers D. Vickery and A. Grate were dispatched to 109 G Street in reference to a domestic incident. According to reports, Alexis Nicole Smith, 24, 109 G. St., reported Corey Oneal Solesby, 25, of the same address, had grabbed her by the neck and choked her. When officers attempted to contact Solesby at the location, he would not open the front door and increasingly became beligerent and agitated. At one point officer T. Grate took his firearm from the holder to show force due to Solesby having his hand in his pockets and being intoxicated. When Solesby attempted to close a window, officer Grate grabbed his wrist and attempted to place him into investigative detention. Solesby jerked his wrist in an aggressive manner and retreated back into the kitchen. Anderson County Deputies arrived and attempted to talk with Solesby, but he refused to come to the door, or cooperate with officers. Due to Solesby being agitated, officers left the scene to get a written statement from Smith.
Apr. 24 – Corey Oneal Solesby, 25, 109 G St., Williamston met with Cpl. D. Hart at the Anderson County Detention Center where he was arrested on two warrants related to a domestic incident on Apr. 23.
Apr. 22 – Tim Gentry, Town of Williamston, reported a bathroom sink in the male restroom in Mineral Spring Park was knocked off the wall causing $300 in damage. D. Vickery investigated.
Apr. 19 – A father and son were both arrested for simple assault after officers responded to 109 Williams St. Ext in reference to an altercation. According to reports, John William Welborn Sr., 50, 109 Williams St. Ext., and son John William Welborn Jr., 22 of the same address, were involved in a verbal altercation. Welborn Sr. stated Welborn Jr. began chasing him with a knife. Welborn Jr. told officers Welborn Sr. had thrown a large can of Grapefruit juice at him striking his left rear hip. A red bruising injury was observed by officers. He also stated he picked up the knife in self defense. Welborn Jr. also told officers that Welborn Sr. had chased him inside the residence with a large metal sword. Cynthia Welborn stated that following a verbal altercation with her son, Welborn Jr. had grabbed her about the neck and threw her to the ground causing her to hit the door frame, causing a mark on her face and a seizure. Welborn Jr. and Welborn Sr. were both determined to be primary aggressors and victims. Both were placed under arrest and transported to ACDC. Welborn Sr. was issued one ticket. Welborn Jr. was issued two tickets. Lt. L. B. Culbertson, D. R. Hart investigated.
Apr. 17 – Williamston officer D. Vickery responded to 213 Hogg Rd to assist Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies with a domestic incident at the location. Once ACSO deputies arrived, the scene was turned over to them. Justin Ray McElroy, 29, 105 Parker St. Williamston was arrested for breach of peace by ACSO deputies.