Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
June 16 – Officer J. M. Cobb was dispatched to 6 Wilson St., in reference to a vandalism. Harriet Louisa Mackey reported two cement benches were damaged. The benches were valued at $300.
June 14 – Pamela C. Owens, 12 Gray Dr., Williamston reported a cement picnic table removed from the Gray Dr., park. The table was valued at $250 and owned by the Town of Williamston. Lt. L. B. Culbertson investigated. On June 15 Owens contacted CPL. Hart and advised that the table had been removed by the Town of Williamston because it was broken.
June 18 – Hayden Lane Roberson, 27, 19 Edgewood Dr., Williamston reported his mother Cherie Roberson, of the same address, had slapped him about the face. Reports stated officers did not observed any injuries or redness. A witness had left the residence. The incident was being presented to Judge Lollis for a warrant, which was denied. Lt. L. B. Culbertson, D. R. Hart investigated.
June 17 – Cpl. D. Hart was dispatched to 543 W. Main St. in reference to a stolen vehicle. Caroline Elizabeth Day, 26, 203 S. Hamilton reported a tan 2015 Chevrolet Silverado taken from in front of Unlimited Wireless by Cody K. Moore of Easley. According to reports, Day stated she had picked up Moore from Homeland Park the day before and he is her child’s father. Moore came into the store with the child and told Day he was screaming and left he child in the store with the victim. Moore went back to the truck and drove away. On June 18, the vehicle was located, wrecked, by Easley Police Department.
June 18 – Hayden Lane Roberson, 27, 19 Edgewood Dr., Williamston was arrested for assault and battery after Cherie Roberson stated her sone grabbed her around the neck with his forearm and started to choke her until she could not breathe. Reported stated her face was red and there were fresh marking on the neck/throat consistent with being choked. H. Roberson was arrested and transported to ACDC.

June 12 – Officer T. C. Grate responded to 3 Ellison St. where Quentin Xavier Pruitt, 24, 116 Thompson St., Belton reported being assaulted by his step-father, Edrick Jerrard Henry. Pruitt stated he did not want to press charges.
June 11 – Stuart Ormal Lund, 48, 114 Gossett Dr., Williamston was arrested for disorderly conduct after officer R. Burgess was dispatched to the residence regarding a possible domestic situation. After being warned several times to not leave the property, Lund was observed walking onto the roadway and was arrested and transported to ACDC.
June 7 – Sav-Way, 309 E. Main St. reported a gas drive off in which white male in a pickup truck prepaid $40 to pump gas but the clerk mistakenly punched in $400. The subject pumped $119.98 in gas resulting in a difference of $79.98 and left without paying the difference of $79.98.
June 7 – Officers Burgess responded to 304 E. Carolina St. in regards to shots being heard in the area. According to reports, a large crowd of people were gathered in the roadway exchanging verbal insults an appeared to be about to fight. When the officer exited the vehicle, the crowd began to disperse. A complainant stated that there were around five shots heard. Officers found no evidence of shots being fired. R. Connor was reporting officers.
June 6 – Justin Michael James, 22, 703 Tripp St., Williamston was issued a summons for simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and speeding after a black Ford Mustang was observed traveling at a high rate of speed on North Hamilton. The vehicle was paced at 49 mph in a 35 mph zone. Two clear small bags containing a small amount of a green leafy substance and a white smoking pipe were found in the car. There was a pistol in the passenger side glove box. The bags and pipe were collected for evidence/destruction and the pistol was verified not stolen.