Magruder recongized for help in finding missing man


By County Council

By Stan Welch

A ten year old boy from north Anderson County was recognized for his efforts in locating an elderly neighbor who became disoriented and lost while on his daily walk one day last month.

The Anderson County Council presented Tallin Magruder and his family with a resolution, recognizing his efforts in finding Mr. Barry Thrasher, seventy-two, who suffers dementia and became lost in a wooded area near his home in the Powdersville/Easley area.

It was a cold day when Mr. Thrasher decided to take his daily walk on March 9.But unlike other days, he didn’t come home. After he had been missing for some time, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office was contacted. They wasted no time getting dogs into the area and the department’s helicopter into the air. But the search was unsuccessful.

While sitting on the front porch with his grandfather, Anderson City Police Officer Ron Colbert, watching and wondering about all the activity in the area, the family learned from neighbors that Thrasher was missing. According to Tallin’s mother, Jodie Colbert, he immediately decided to help.

“He grabbed a hammer and a pair of binoculars and set out into the woods. He is always helping people. He just has that kind of heart,” said Colbert. Tallin’s grandma, Faye Johnson said, “When his other grandmother, who also suffered dementia, was sick, he would sit with her and read her the Bible. He is a very caring boy.”

Tallin said he was walking along a road in the neighborhood and thought he heard moaning. So like any healthy ten year old boy, he climbed a tree for a better look.

“I was up the tree using my binoculars and I saw a patch of blue on the ground out in front of me. I knew that didn’t belong there. It was Mr. Thrasher. He had fallen and hurt his leg. I told him I’d go for help and be right back.”

Tallin flagged down a passing motorist, and Thrasher was soon on his way to the hospital. He has since been released.

Tuesday night, though he looked as if he wasn’t sure what the fuss was about, Tallin Magruder was recognized for his good works.