SCDOT Statewide update


SCDOT Statewide Summary as of 8 a.m. Tuesday –

Precipitation has ended in Districts 2, 3, and 4. Rain has moved into District 5. (Anderson County is in District 2). All interstates are open and plowed however pavement temperatures remain below freezing. Primary and secondary roads in the northwestern third of our state (form the upper border- to about 30 miles south in a line along I-85) have significant ice accumulation.

This area is also experiencing some power outages along with trees/ branches down. SCDOT forces are applying salt and other anti-icing/deicing materials and will be through the morning hours. Freezing temperatures are expected to continue until after daylight hours therefore SCDOT is advising against travel in the northwestern area of the state as described above unless absolutely necessary and then only with extreme caution.

The following employees and equipment are active, and the material already applied to the roadways includes:

647 Maintenance employees actively involved in road operations

5054 Tons of Salt (cumulative total)

1789 Tons of Sand (cumulative total)

14592 Gallons of calcium chloride (cumulative total)

485395 Gallons of salt brine (cumulative total)

264 Equipment in use

Engineering District 1 – District 1 is experiencing rain only and has provided 12 assisting crews and equipment to Districts 3 (Greenville, Spartanburg) and 4 (Cherokee, York). Crews are currently clearing debris and checking bridges in upper Kershaw County.

Engineering District 2 – Temperatures in District Two are ranging between 28 and 34 degrees. Anderson and Laurens County are reporting many trees down and crews are beginning tree removal and are still applying deicing chemicals and plowing. Treatment continues on Interstate and Primary routes. All counties except Edgefield report tree damage. McCormick and Saluda counties are assisting other counties in the district. District Two is accessing conditions and will respond as needed.

Engineering District 3 – Temperatures in District Three are ranging between 29 and 32 degrees. Interstates, priority routes and bridges continue to be treated as needed with anti-icing materials and equipment. Greenville and Spartanburg Counties are reporting trees down. Oconee and Pickens counties are improving however temps remain below freezing. All counties are reporting roads partially covered in ice and icy slush. Anti-icing and deicing operations will continue throughout the morning. All county offices will remain staffed and are responding as needed.

Engineering District 4 – Temperatures in District Four are ranging between 24 and 30 degrees. Cherokee, York and upper Chester and Lancaster Counties are reporting cloudy weather with roads ranging from wet to partially covered with ice. Interstate I-77 is open, priority routes and bridges continue to be monitored and treated with deicing and anti-icing materials and equipment as needed. Fairfield and Union counties are currently removing fallen trees or tree debris from roadways.

Engineering District 5 – Temperatures in District Five are ranging between 31 and 35 degrees with rain (All routes wet). Darlington and Dillon counties are removing trees and fallen limbs. I-95 is being monitored and Marlboro is treating some routes with deicing materials.

Engineering District 6 – No winter weather expected at this time in the district.

Engineering District 7 – No winter weather expected at this time in the district.

The SCDOT call center opened this morning at 6:00 AM.

The State Traffic Management Center is operational.

The Director of Maintenance office is monitoring the conditions and operations in the affected areas, and will be manned for the duration of the event. Road conditions in the affected counties are being continuously updated at: