Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Oct. 31 – Michael David Boggs, 25, 324 Campbell Rd., Belton was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and schedule IV drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia after officers were dispatched to 207 W. Main Street. According to reports a man (later identified as Boggs) in a gray Mercedes asked a customer if he wanted to buy a gun or pills. The vehicle was located on South Hamilton Street and was observed with only one working brake light. When stopped, the driver, (Boggs) was not readily complying. One officer drew a firearm and Boggs was detained.
A 12 gauge shotgun shell and a pill bottle containing less than a gram of a substance field tested positive as methamphetamine was found in his pocket. A blue baggie and several pills inside were also found in his pocket. A hypodermic needle was found in his coat pocket. A search of the vehicle found a 12 gauge Stevens shotgun. Pills included 2 1/2 Xanax, 6 Alprasolam 1mg, 1 Clonazepam img. Also in the vehicle was a Ryobi pressure washer and Ryobi chainsaw which came back clear but were taken in custody until Boggs can provide proof they are his. He was transported to ACDC without incident. Sgt. L. E. Mulz, T. L. Eichelberger investigated.
Oct. 27 – Anthony Wallace Simmons, 20, 102 Roxanne St,. Williamston repported an unknown suspect made three fraudulent transactions on his Community First bank account amounting to $320. Detective G. Culbertson investigated.
Oct. 30 – Amanda Faye Donahue was served a bench warrant and transported to ACDC. C. C. Brown investigated.
Nov. 3 – Annie Ruth Chastain, 74, 4 W 2nd St., Williamston reported vandalism in which someone removed a screw that held her bumper in on the drivers side and took a chunk out of her tire. The bumper was also scratched. Damage was estimated at $200. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.
Nov. 5 – Officers investigated an incident in Mineral Spring Park in which a male was seen karate kicking a lamp causing it to fall destroying the lamp, bulbs and pole. Damage was estimated at $200. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.
Nov. 6 – Palmer Leo Cornwell, 78, 616 N. Hamilton St., #1 reported he gave his health care worker $400 to pay monthly bills and the worker had not returned. Cornwell could not provide thename of the health care worker or the company that provided the service. L. B. Culbertson investigated.