Around the County . . .


The owner of Carolina Bauernhaus Brewery is now doing some Pro-Am brewing, where home brewers can come in and brew at their facility and part of the proceeds from the sales will go to the brewer’s “charity/cause” of choice.  PAWS was chosen by local homebrewers, The Ramsey’s, as their charity of choice for donations.
Greenwood Humane Society did a site visit to learn our procedures and protocols so that they can implement the same lifesaving programs in their new facility which is currently under construction.
PAWS received $1015.00 in cash donations and Lidl Grocery donated over 1,200 lbs of dog food.
Building and Codes
PERMITS SUBMITTED: 13 New Single-Family Dwelling; 11 Addition/Renovation; 2 Replacement; 1 Pool; 7 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 4 Demolition; 74 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 12 Residential Solar Panel; 7 Commercial Including: Michelin Cafeteria Renovation, Electrical for Rectifier for Pipeline, Anderson Carpet & Tile Sign, Electrolux Foundation and Slab, Electrolux Retaining Wall, Electrical to re-establish service to Existing Auction House, First Quality Vacuum Blower Building Foundation; 20 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Christ the Redeemer Church in Pendleton, Electrolux Shell, Electrolux Retaining Wall, Green Pond Landing Retaining Walls for Bathroom, Hwy 187 Storage Building Q, Hodges Container Home located off Dobbins Bridge Rd, Powerhouse Up-Fit to Existing Cell Tower located in Pendleton, South State Bank Sign, Sprinkler plans for TTI Outdoor Products Test Lab and Various resubmittals
Development Standard
Michelin North America US 2 Facility Expansion located in Sandy Springs.
TTI new facility located on Ryobi Drive, Anderson.
Green Pond Landing Addition located at Green Pond Landing.
Vantage@ Powdersville Multi-Family Apartments Complex located on Hood Road(Final Review)
New McDonald’s Restaurant located on corner of Pearman Dairy and Whitehall Road, Anderson.
LaCannon Road Warehousing Development (new 12, 000 sq. ft.)
Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) FEMA Birch River Subdivision located on Saluda River
Lots, 4, 5, 14, & 16 Pennington Farms (PD) Planned Development located on Hub Drive
Countryside Auto located at 6800 Abbeville Highway, Anderson.
Andra Walton Car Lot located on Anderson Street, Piedmont.
Electrolux Industrial Expansion located on Master’s Blvd. Anderson
Sanders Warehousing/Storage located on 4200 Highway 81N, Anderson.
Highway 187 Warehousing/Storage located on Highway 187 South, Anderson.
St Andrew Multi-Family Apartments located on Old Williamston Road.
Woodland Hills Subdivision granted Final Approval
Caledonia Phase IV
Sullivan Hills Phase II, building permits on hold(infrastructure not completed as agreed upon)
Pennington Farms Planned Development
Smith Mill Farms(Revised Plan) Planning Commission will review at their December 12, 2017 Meeting
Roads & Bridges
Vegetation Crews are trimming, mowing, and removing hazardous trees throughout the county.
Pipe Crews installed a turn-a-round on CMP Drive for handicap school bus, assisted at Pendleton Elementary School with career day, and completed drainage repairs on Elgin Road, with paving to follow.
Asphalt Crews paved Evans Grove Road and CMP turn-a-round, repaired potholes, and repaired/installed driveway aprons.
Sign Crew performed routine maintenance road signage.  Also assisted Lights of Hope with sign materials.
Bridge Crews completed installation of new lights for East – West Parkway and began repairs of bridge on Ballard Road.
Grading Crews are completing Country Lakes Road and Lollis Road and preparing to pave.
On-call crew received no call-outs.
Reviews were conducted for Coca-Cola Trailer Parking, E&I Engineering Expansion, and Inlet Pointe Subdivision.
Approval issued and pre-con held for Upstate Industrial-Opperman Warehouse- Lots 15, 16, & 17.
Staff participated in an Adopt-A-Stream training session conducted by the Clemson Extension Service that covered chemical and bacterial water quality monitoring methods.
The stormwater permit for the Anderson Veteran Affairs Clinic on Hwy 81 was terminated.
The manager participated in a meeting with FEMA and various departments to discuss reimbursement procedures for Hurricane Irma
Solid Waste

Met with Public Works Committee on Landfill RFQ.
Environmental Enforcement caught an individual breaking into the Whitefield Convenience Center on Nov. 17. He was a 4 time repeat offender.
Environmental Enforcement educated residents at the Whitefield and Friendship Convenience Centers on covering their loads.
Environmental Enforcement cleaned up open storage issue on 2 untagged vehicles on Wetlands Rd.
Environmental Enforcement issued a Clean-up Order on Belhaven Rd. due to several untagged vehicles.
Picked up 38 illegal signs on Old Dobbins Bridge Rd., Hwy 28 Bypass and Michelin Blvd.
Picked up roll-carts and litter around Greenpond during the Palmetto Boat Center High School Fishing Tournament.
The new Townville Convenience Center is being compacted in preparation for asphalting. Septic system is being installed this week. Met with contractor to discuss fencing and guardrails. Staff is working to install new compactors.
Did You Know? The entire commercial air fleet in the U.S. could be built four times over with the amount of aluminum thrown away annually within our country.

Animal Shelter
We were able to save 84% of the animals in our care this week.
INTAKES:  74 (6 owner surrender, 0 return adoptions, 42 from animal control, 26 strays and 0 transferred in from other agencies).
OUTCOMES:   59 animals adopted, 2 died, 10 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 0 animals were owner requested euthanasia, 9 were returned to their owners and 11 were sent to rescue.
Clinic performed 55 spay/neuter surgeries.
Currently 176 large dogs, 22 small dogs, 32 puppies, 45 cats and 49 kittens in the facility.
There are 9 dogs being held for court.
Out of those 324 animals 60.2% are available for adoption and altered.