Anderson County Economic Development paying off


By Stan Welch
Anderson County’s focus on economic development in recent years resulted in record breaking employment statistics this year.
In March, the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)report showed that an additional 588 jobs had been created, bringing the county’s number of people employed to a record high of 86,988. That number reflects an increase of 1,012 since the same month last year. The county, which in 2010 had double digit unemployment, now has an unemployment rate of 3.8 per cent.
The county’s work force also reached a new record high of 90,441, surpassing a record of 90,333set in June of 2017.
County administrator Rusty Burns credits the cooperative efforts of the county council as well as the office of economic developments efforts for the success of the last several years. “One of the most gratifying aspects of the recent growth of industry here is that we have not only attracted new industries, but we have helped existing companies expand and remain in Anderson. The combination of tax incentives and cooperation among other players like Duke Energy and Blue Ridge, as well as the SCDOT in improving or sometimes creating infrastructure has been essential too.”
County Council chairman Tommy Dunn stated that “All the work we have put into building a solid manufacturing base is now making it possible for us to benefit from a booming regional economy. It is essential that we sustain these efforts to ensure our citizens of good, high paying jobs in the future.”
The latest result of the economic success stories is evident in the housing boom that is taking place, especially in the northern part of the county, where a number of industries have located or expanded in recent years.