Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway this week:

Building and Codes
· Our office met with the Planning Department to discuss Tiny Homes and how they are regulated. The 2018 International Residential Code (IRC), if approved by the SC Building Codes Council, goes into effect beginning January 1, 2020 and does include an Appendix that deals with Tiny Homes (Homes 400 square feet or less in area). If this does pass it will give some exceptions in regards to headroom for loft spaces, stairs tread riser height and width, etc. This will not include prefabricated homes on wheels. At this time all homes that are constructed have to fully comply with the IRC.
· PERMIT SUBMITTED: 16 Single-Family Dwellings; 4 Addition/Renovation; 2 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 2 Swimming Pool; 4 Demolition; 1 Replacement; 13 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 1 Residential Solar; 21 Commercial Including: Heatherstone Apartment Building 9, Heatherstone Apartment Building 11, Clemson Grove Office Space, Bethel Methodist Church HVAC Replacement, and 17 Electrical Services for Clemson Grove RV Park; 15 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED:  Air Power Office/Warehouse located off Prosperity Rd in Piedmont, Fisher Properties Sales Office located off Commerce Blvd, Norfolk Place Apartments Buildings B & C located of Rai Court, Walmart in Powdersville Renovations and Various resubmittals
Development Standards
o Anderson County Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting for District 7 was cancelled on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 due to a lack of a quorum.  Agenda item will be moved forward to the Planning Commission Meeting on August 14, 2018.
o Manager and Subdivision Administrator attended SCAPA Planning Conference in Fort Mill for continuing education credits. The conference provided an opportunity to network with other land use and planning professionals in the state. Highlights of the conference included impact fees and telecommunication towers.
§  Duke Energy Lee Steam-New Communications Tower.
§  Starbucks Highway 76 final review.
§  Wal-Mart Highway 178, Anderson.
§  Q-Trip (Signage) will require multiple variances.
§  Little Creek RV Resort located at White Pine Lane, Townville.
§  Self-Storage at Heritage Apartment Complex.
§  KAWAC, 12,000 square foot warehouse.
§  Love’s Travel Stop, Exit 4.
§  Floodplain Development Sweet Farm Estates, Lot# 16 & 17 Sweet Farm Road.
§  Floodplain Development Permit Hembree Creek Road.
§  Radio Tower located on Brooks Drive, Townville.
§  TTI Outdoor Laboratory, 305 Powers Drive, Anderson
§  Boat Storage Highway 24, Townville
§  Starbucks, Highway 76
§  Little Creek RV Resort located at White Pine Lane, Townville
§  Welpine Sewer Project
§  Sweet Farm Estates; Townhomes @ Craven Creek; Raven Hills; Rogers Knoll Phase I
§  Dollar Tree Piedmont-Final Approval for Substitution
§  Five Forks Road, mobile home located on incorrect lot.
Fleet Services
· To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  You can then click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
· Vegetation Crews worked on cleaning bridges and cleaning up tree debris from roadways and right-of-ways from the storms. Mowing Crews continue to mow right-of-way.
· Grading Crew, when weather permitted, continued work on Shiloh Church Road East Project where they are replacing a bridge with a large culvert. They also repaired 7 cross-lines pipes on County Roads.
· Ditching and pipe crews completed work on Homeland Park Fire Department drainage project and worked on routine maintenance requests.
· Asphalt Crews completed routine driveway apron and pothole requests.
· Sign Shop Crews performed routine maintenance on road signs; also opened Ballard Road after the completion of the culvert replacement project.
· Bridge Crew continued to work on Green Pond Landing Bathroom Project.
· 6 Vacancies: (1) Engineering Tech., (2) Laborers, (1) Heavy Equipment Operator, (1) Truck Driver, (1) Foreman.
· On-call crew received 7 after-hours call-outs for an approximately 30 man-hours: all fallen trees.
· No Accidents Reported
· Seven Safety Meetings: Topics-Hearing Conservation Training, Safety Update, Workers Compensation Claims, Tort/Property Claims, Back to School Safety.
· Two Work Zone Audits
· Received resubmittals for Richard Kay Superstore Expansion and Highway 76 Starbucks – Anderson.
· PNG Line 349 permit was terminated.
· Review was conducted for Highway 76 Starbucks – Anderson (2nd).
· Received new application for Deerpath Subdivision.
Solid Waste
· Staff met with DHEC on August 1, 2018 at the VIVA Tire Recycling site to discuss the cleanup of the property. Anderson County is seeking DHEC funding to have the property cleaned up.
· Ordered new 65-gallon blue recycle roll-carts for the Pendleton Recycling Center. These will be used for recycling aluminum cans, steel cans and glass bottles.
· Staff toured the Twin Chimney’s Landfill in Greenville to observe their grinding and mulching operation.
· Staff worked with a company to get a property on Middleton Road cleaned up of 2082 illegally dumped waste tires. These tires were brought to the MRF and sent to Liberty Tire to be recycled.
· The White Street Convenience Center warehouse area was broken into on 8/2/18 by 2 individuals. Video was turned over to Anderson City Police for investigation.
· Met with Goodwill to discuss placing some donation clothes boxes at some of the convenience centers for the convenience of our residents.
· Environmental Enforcement took 14 cases to court this week. There were 3 Littering (Guilty), 2 Uncovered Loads (Guilty), 5 Unlawful Dumping (Guilty), 1 Failure to Comply (Guilty), 1 DUS (Guilty) and 2 No SCDL (Guilty).
· Environmental Enforcement educated residents on covering their loads and littering at the Townville, King David, and Whitefield Convenience Centers.
· We have 2 inmates for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
· Did You Know? The most heavily littered items around lakes and oceans are cigarette butts, plastic wrappers, aluminum drink cans, and plastic bottles.
· Town of Iva’s running balance is $738,947.51.
· Received bids for wastewater line extension on Hwy 76 that will serve the Arthrex Industrial site. Low bid will be presentedto Council for their review and approval.
· Anderson County staff met with the contractor and design engineer for the 5 Mile project to perform a punch list for the project since substantial completion has been obtained.
· Conference call was held with County Staff and Arthrex to discuss wastewater project and projected time for completion.
· Request was made to Engineer on Pendleton project to modify their installation of a force main tap in a County Manhole.
· ROW crew cut in Powdersville off Elrod Road and along Richard Campbell sewer lines.
· We located a service tap at 110 Cooper Lane for a building on septic that is being repurposed as a dog kennel.

Animal Shelter
· We were able to save 88% of the animals in our care this week.
· INTAKES:  159 (23 owner surrender, 3 return adoptions, 53 from animal control, 79 strays and 1 transferred in).
· OUTCOMES: 46 animals adopted, 5 died, 14 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 2 animals were owner requested euthanasia, 58 were returned to their owners and 19 were sent to rescue.
· Clinic performed 126 spay/neuter surgeries.
· There are currently 165 large dogs, 22 small dogs, 36 puppies, 34 cats and 63 kittens in the facility.
· There are 8 animals being held for court.
· There are 199 animals available for adoption. 111 of those have already been altered (55.7%).
· Cheyenne Mulkey was promoted to Rescue Coordinator.
· PAWS received $333.49 cash donations, $85.00 in donations for the Dog Park.
· Our Teacher’s Pet Back to School Supply Drive starts this week.  Bring in school supplies and get a discounted adoption.  School supplies will go to Homeland Park and Varennes Elementary Schools.