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Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects:

Building and Codes
·       PERMITS SUBMITTED: 14 Single-Family Dwellings; 7 Addition/Renovation; 9 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 1 Residential Swimming Pool; 5 Demolition; 1 Replacement; 17 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 4 Residential Solar; 12 Commercial Including: BP Gas Station, Caribbean Storage Building, McDonalds Remodel, Smoking Pig Exterior Remodel, Glen Raven Boiler Room Renovation, Self -Storage Remodel, Electrical for Temporary Office for Electrolux, Electrical for Transformer, Electrical to Well Pump, Electrical for 81 Self Storage Sign, Installation of New Gas Service, Electrical for Irrigation System; 36 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
·       DRAWINGS SUBMITTED:  ACE Solar Roof Installation off Hwy 86 in Piedmont, Brioso Fresh Pasta Up-Fit located off Kaylan’s Way, Carolina Industrial Products Service Electrical Service Upgrade, Hydro 3600 Billet Saw Enclosure, McDonald’s Canopy Roof Change located off Pearman Dairy Rd, NTB Anderson Interior Remodel located off Clemson Blvd, Smith Mill Landing Townhomes located off Natique Way and Various Resubmittals
Development Standards
§  Planning Commission met on Tuesday October 9, 2018 to review a preliminary plat for Chimney Hill Subdivision. The Commission voted to deny the application.
§  Board of Zoning Appeals met on Thursday October 11, 2018 and approved the following variances;
§  Variance to allow for a reduction of side yard setbacks located on Pioneer Lane, Anderson.
§  Variance to allow for a second wall sign for a Dollar General Retail Store located on Dobbins Bridge Road, Anderson.
§  Variance to allow for two wall signs for the Q-Trip Convenience Store located on Highway 86 , Piedmont
§  Michelin Health Center located on Highway 76 (Final Review)
§  National Tire & Battery located at 3719 Clemson Blvd. Anderson.
§  Fisher Office located on Commerce Blvd. Anderson.
§  Vantage Apartments Hood Road-Landscaping Plan Revision
§  Sullivan Hills, a PD-Planned Development, Lots 74-79
§  New Homeland Park Fire Station #3 located on S. Main Street, Anderson.
§  New BP Gasoline & Convenience Store located at 2900 Highway 153, Piedmont
§  Davis Industrial located at Highway 187 S. Anderson.
§  Verizon Wireless Tower Addition located at 115 Dixie Drive, Anderson.
§  Floodplain Development Permit located on Hunt Road, Anderson.
§  Floodplain Development Permit located on Melvin Drive, Anderson.
§  New BP Gasoline &  Convenience Store located at 2900 Highway 153, Piedmont
§  Deer Path; Rivers Edge; Chimney Hill; St. Andrews
§  Illegal signage removed on Highway 29, Highway 88, and Highway 153
Fleet Services
·       We closed 173 work orders for the week.
·            Fuel Prices: Unleaded: $1.99, E20 $2.39, Diesel $2.65‘!
·       We welcome the new Inventory Specialist to our team, Skye Phillips.
·       Received (2) side by sides for the Facilities Department and Solid Waste Department. They are in the pre-delivery stage and should be ready next week.
·       Weekly Fleet Availability:    89.68%
· To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
·       All crews staged and performed work for Hurricane Michael.
·       Vegetation Crews worked on trimming tree limbs, cleaning tree debris and removing trees. Mowing Crews continued to mow right-of-way.
·       Grading Crew repaired/replaced cross-line culverts.
·       Ditching and Pipe Crews worked on routine drainage and driveway pipe maintenance requests.
·       Asphalt Crews continued routine driveway apron and pothole requests.
·       Sign Shop Crews performed routine maintenance on road signs.
·       Bridge Crew continued work on Shiloh Church Road West Bridge Replacement.
·       On-call crew received 1 after-hours call-out for a total of approximately 1.5 man-hours: downed tree.
·       One Tort/Property Claim Reported
·       Three Safety Meetings: Topics-covered Fire Extinguishers, Your PASS to Safety, Safety Update, Workers Compensation Claims, Tort/Property Claims, and Halloween Safety
·       One New Employee Safety Orientation Class
Solid Waste
·       Upcoming Event: Pick Up Powdersville (PUP Day) is Saturday, October 13th from 8am to 11am.
·       Completed recycling and litter prevention presentation at Wren Middle School for 80 sixth grade students and 3 teachers.
·       Participated in the Lake Shoreline Cleanup at Hurricane Creek Landing. There were 15 volunteers and 14 bags of litter collected from this area.
·       Keep Anderson County Beautiful had a presence at the Pendleton Fall Festival educating residents on proper recycling habits and litter prevention.
·       Sampled the Five Mile Stream and reported the monthly data.
·       Ware Shoals Middle School had 35 students toured our Material Recovery Facility to learn more about where recyclables go after the blue bin.
·       Prepared equipment for the possible effects of Hurricane Michael.
·       Environmental Enforcement educated residents on covering their loads at the White Street, Whitefield and Carswell Convenience Centers.
·       Environmental Enforcement has been working at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center and Hurricane Springs Park in dealing with litter issues at the facilities.
·       Staff attended CPR and First Aid training with Safety Director Charles Pinson.
·       Staff has been servicing compactors this week at our convenience centers.
·       We have 1 inmate for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
·       Did You Know? The appeal of public spaces, such as beaches, water fronts, ball fields, parks, picnic areas and hiking trails decreases due to cigarette butts.
·       The Broadway Lakespillway was opened after Hurricane Michael moved through and dropped approximately 2 inches of rain around the lake.
·       Received resubmittal for WS Lee West Sediment Basin.
·       Review (1st) was conducted for Ortec Pendleton Phase I major modification.
·       Major modification for Little River Resort was approved.
·       Manager attended the 2nd meeting of Francis Marion University’s Local Government Leadership Institute.
·        Staff attended various conference and training events in the last week; Southeast Stormwater Association’s annual conference, International Erosion Control Association – Southeast Chapter’s annual field day, and Clemson Extension’s Master Pond Manager field day.
·       Continued running in house process control analyses on samples collected throughout the plant, to determine biological growth and any inhibiting factors to that growth.  Will continue with some of these analyses as a part of the daily plant operation.
·       Coordinated with contract lab to collect sample from one industry for analysis to determine whether the discharge from that location could have had a negative effect on the treatment plant biological process.
·       Reviewed and submitted the Discharge Monitoring Report for the month of September.  All parameters were in compliance with the permit.
·       Approximately 80% of the old biological wastewater process has been pumped and hauled to the Rocky River WWTP. Tests were run on the wastewater before the wastewater was hauled out to ensure that the treatment plant would be able to handle the wastewater. The remainder of this wastewater will be tested and drained to the drying beds at 6&20 WWTP.
·       Performed annual maintenance on the 6&20 pump station and clarifier booms.
·       Contractor for Arthrex Manufacturing Project has installed 1,141’ of the 1,397’ of 10’’ DIP pipe and has set 5 of the 6 manholes for this portion of the project. This portion runs up the main drive for the site and is where all the services for the buildings will tie in. Upon completion of this segment they will drop back and continue with laying the rest of the gravity main and will be tying in the existing force main.
·       Anderson County staff visited the Betsy Tucker site to draw up a final punch list to be delivered to the contractor. Upon completion of the items, this project will be able to proceed to the closing documents for finalization.
·       ROW crew cut the following: Beaverdam, Neals Creek, Ingles off Hwy 81, Hill property and the Cobbs Glen line.
·       Removed silt from a storm ditch on Adger Street in Pelzer. This will allow rain water to flow more freely to the river; we plan to dress the sides of the ditch when the dirt dries out.
·       Pump station crew pulled pump #2 at Hurricane Creek due to long run times. After inspecting the pump it was found that the impeller had significant damage and needs to be replaced. We are waiting on a price for the impeller and a rebuild kit for the pump, there is a 4 to 6 week lead time for the parts coming from Sweden.  Bypass pump was rented and installed for emergency backup pumping.
·       Met with Design Engineers to discuss first draft for Hurricane Creek basin wastewater study.
·       Had 1 emergency locate after hour call on Lewis Street for a total of 2 hours overtime.

By Stan Welch
Richard Greer, representative of State Investors development corporation presented his company’s plan for the development of the area along the river in the downtown to the Piedmont Public Service Commission Monday night.
The project, which Greer says is pretty well fixed, will include from fifty to sixty townhouses contained in six different buildings. The plan refers to them as apartments. Greer explained that the textile rehabilitation credits received require that the properties produce income for the first three years. “The units will be sold as a three year rental, followed by ownership. This will be an owner occupied property. That’s they way the Greenville projects were developed,” said Greer.
In addition, what Greer calls “a huge amount of public space” will also be available. An area directly behind the Piedmont Community building will be used for public space. The Piedmont Public Service Commission and Greer’s company will work together to decide on the nature of the space’s use.
“We want to be a part of the community, not apart from it,” said Greer. “We also have a park planned that will use the old smoke stack as its center. That aspect of the project has us very excited.”
There will be four ways in and out of the area, providing excellent public access. Parking will be set aside for the public and for those using the two kayak facilities.
Greer’s company is also involved in development of the upper and lower mill sites in Pelzer.

By Sonya Crandall
Executive Director Envision Williamston
Envision Williamston’s Community Engagement and Marketing Committee has been one of the primary forces behind the town’s recent revitalization activities. Up until this point, however, the committee has been marketing the town for its many festivals and events, now numbering over 21 in 2018 alone!
Adding to these efforts, this month the committee is making many strides toward marketing some of our newest businesses. We now have Rooted. A Southern Salon, Cricket mobile phone service, Vanity Fur, and the Groom Room, to name a few. Very soon we will have the new Dollar Tree and the new 24-fitness center opening, and much much more!
To capitalize on this recent growth, several committee members set out to market some of the still available properties around town, especially in Williamston’s historic downtown area, along Main Street and Greenvillle Drive.
Over a dozen decals now brighten up our vacant commercial buildings. These decals are designed to inspire and draw attention to the many retail and other commercial opportunities in our area. Some of the ideas include a farm to table restaurant, a fresh market, a design studio, jewelry store, and a bakery.
Please check out these designs and business opportunities and consider how you can be a part of the exciting changes taking place throughout Williamston!!
This project is funded through grant support provided by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).
For more information, contact: Sonya Crandall of Envision Williamston at or call 864-650-7075.
Download our mobile app at “Williamston SC” or visit

By Stan Welch
Anderson County Council continues to be a bit of a traveling salvation show, as it meets in different places due to a mechanical failure in the elevator in the historic courthouse. The Council has met in the new courthouse, and Tuesday night held its second meeting at the Civic Center.
Several ordinances received final approval, including one authorizing the sale of 4.04 acres of land to One World Technologies, Inc. (TTI). The location will be the site of a retail facility where many of the hand tools and power tools TTI produces will be available for purchase. For a number of years, the company has had an annual sale for the public, and this site will just make that access available year round.
Final approval was also given for the lease of .75 acres at the civic center to Duke Power for a battery storage facility for use during emergencies and natural disasters.
Council also voted to enlarge the administrative device known as the industrial park shared by Greenville and Anderson Counties. The park is an administrative structure designed to allow the industries included therein to receive any appropriate tax incentives. The enlargement approved Tuesday night will assist the establishment of several solar farms in northern Anderson county, including in the West Pelzer and Williamston areas. Southern Current is beginning installation of several such facilities.
Second reading approval was given to a master bond ordinance designed to establish the guidelines and administrative restrictions on an ordinance allowing, in general, for the sale of special resource revenue bonds by the county. In another vote, a specific bond issue, for pending sewer construction, was approved in the amount of $28.75 million.
First reading approval was given to a proposal to pay members of the Board of Zoning Appeal members, as well as Planning Commission members for attending meetings. Achieving a quorum on those boards has occasionally been an issue, as well as finding nominees to accept appointment to the boards. The payment would consist of fifty dollars per meeting, if attended by the member. The boards ordinarily meet monthly, bringing the projected annual cost of the arrangement to $16,500 total.
At a separate meeting held before the actual business meeting of the Council, the town of West Pelzer was recognized for their Centennial celebration of the town’s 100th anniversary. Originally founded as Frankville, it was renamed West Pelzer a century ago this year. Mayor Blake Sanders and several citizens were on hand to receive the framed resolution from Councilwoman Cindy Wilson and the rest of the Council.