Democrats pass omnibus bill with no time for review


Congressman Jeff Duncan issued the following statement regarding his opposition to the Democrats’ omnibus package after its passage last night.
“House Democrats rammed a $1.5 trillion+ omnibus spending bill through Congress that does nothing to change the reckless spending trajectory and proposes an irresponsible 6.7% increase in spending at a time when we are past $30 trillion in debt,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “Democrats did this without even allowing adequate time for congressional debate or transparency for the American people, completing the 2,700-page omnibus spending bill at 2:30 a.m. before the vote last night, which allowed us little time to review what all is actually in this monstrosity of a package. From what we have been able to review, the omnibus package is an antithesis to what our country needs.”
“This is nothing more than a product of the Swamp and another Democrat spending spree at the expense of the American taxpayer and our nation’s values,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “The omnibus includes no change to federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates, no steps to unleash American energy, and no policy to address southern border security, and would send taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood, increase funding for the radical rush-to-green agenda, and hypercharge inflationary spending. This massive spending bill is rushed and used as political leverage to ram through the Democrats’ failed globalist and Green New Deal agenda.”
“Democrats lumped in aid to Ukraine in the omnibus in an attempt to pressure bipartisan support from risk-averse Republicans attempting to avoid a government shutdown,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “I voted against the omnibus, which included aid to Ukraine, since there is no way to ensure the $13.6 billion in aid is properly distributed and placed in the right hands. After seeing the reckless abandonment of billions of dollars’ worth of equipment in Afghanistan, this opens the door to unintentionally bolstering Russia’s military state and is a risk we cannot afford to take.”