New Journal website ready to launch


The Journal will launch a new redesigned website during the first week of January 2012.

The new website will feature a blog style format, with facebook and twitter access directly from the site. Readers will be able to comment on postings which will include current news stories and pictures.

The new website will feature the news stories our readers are accustomed to seeing at The Journal-Online, only in a more timely format. The site will feature three featured news stories and/or pictures and local advertising. Online viewers will also have access to classifieds and obituaries.

The Online Edition of The Journal will include a new page flip feature allowing viewers to “flip pages” as they view the online edition.

To view the online edition, go to, then click on “Online Edition” in one of three places on the site. The current edition should begin to load.

Then – click on the rectangle shaded box on the lower left corner to go to full screen.

You can then view a low resolution copy of The Journal that allows you to flip through the pages.

When you get to the page you want to view, simply click on the page, then the magnifying glass in the lower left corner. If the page comes up slightly blurred, reclick the magnifying glass to reduce the size then reclick to enlarge and a clear image of the page should load.

Viewers will have total access to the site during the preview period.

If you are a current online subscriber, you will need to log-in as a new member and set up your password. A code will be emailed to current subscribers to bypass payment during the registration process.