County building codes now accepting cards


Obtaining a building permit in Anderson County became more convenient in 2012. As of January 3, the offices of Building and Codes and Development Standards began accepting credit/debit cards.

“Doing business in Anderson County became more convenient this month,” said Anderson County Council Chairman Tom Allen. “It may seem like a small thing to some, but accepting credit and debit cards is a fact of life in the business community. More than two years ago, we coined the phrase ‘one-stop shop’. Today, we are pleased to offer this additional service, which aids in expediting services for constituents and effectively moves us one step closer to this initiative.”

Council Vice Chairman Tommy Dunn commented, “Making business easier and convenient for our existing industry and residents is important to Council. It lays the foundation for business expansion and also makes us inviting to prospective industry. I, for one, am happy to see this commitment realized. The people spoke and we listened. That is the way government should work.”

“This couldn’t have happened without the backing of our County Council,” said Barry Holcombe, Anderson County Building and Codes. “They saw the need and gave us the support to make it happen. Our offices now accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover. It takes a little more effort from our staff, but it makes good business sense. We want to make services as accessible and convenient as possible for our residents and we will continue working toward that goal.”

In-person transactions will be processed through the portal, which is the same state contract method utilized by the Treasurer’s Office. There is a $1 transaction fee and a 1.7% of transaction fee. For example, the purchase of a $50 permit would cost ($50 x 1.7% + $1).

Holcombe continues, “In the future, we will work toward having an online transaction component, but that will require more time and planning.”