Congressman Jeff Duncan to run for reelection


South Carolina freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan announced this week that he would seek re-election to the Third Congressional District seat he currently holds. Duncan, along with fellow South Carolina freshman Representatives Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, and Mick Mulvaney, gained significant national attention for refusing to go along with business as usual in Washington.
I’ve tried to do exactly what I said I would do on the campaign trail, that’s cut spending, reduce the size of government, defend the Constitution, and fight on behalf of the people of South Carolina. Before I was elected in 2010, Washington was arguing over how much to spend. Now, Congress is finally starting to debate how much to cut, said Duncan.
Although he has only been in office for little over a year, Duncan has already distinguished himself as one of the country’s leading conservatives. According to the political arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation, Duncan has the most conservative voting record of any member in the US House of Representatives. Duncan’s conservative record means he’s even voted against leadership in his own party from time to time.
I voted against raising the debt ceiling because the plan that was crafted by Congress didn’t offer the types of revolutionary changes that our country needed to implement in order to protect future generations, said Duncan.
I voted against NDAA because I wanted to safeguard civil liberties.
Rep. Duncan was also one of only three members of Congress to initially support a Constitutional Amendment to create term limits, and was a strong advocate for establishing a balanced budget requirement.
In addition to his voting record, Duncan has tried to demonstrate his fiscally conservative philosophy through his actions as well. Duncan announced in February that his office would be returning over $200,000 in unspent office funds in hopes that it would be used to pay down the national debt.
I’ve tried to run our office like a small business, on a budget, and with the goal of providing the best services possible to our costumers, said Duncan.
I work for the people of South Carolina, and with their support, I hope to continue to fight on their behalf in Congress.