Fork Shoals School News


Fork Shoals is currently accepting Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s soup labels, and old ink cartridges. These collections are exchanged for funds that support various programs at the school. Donation boxes are in the school bell tower.

Classes leading the school in Accelerated Reader point totals (as of April 30th) are: Garren – 1681.6 points; Fulcher – 1152.4 points; Marchbanks – 856.2 points; McDowell – 762.6 points; and Johnson – 678.2 points. The class with the most points at the end of the year will receive a popcorn party from Ms. Knight.

Another Book Fair is on the way! For the first time ever, the Fork Shoals Library will have a third Book Fair this year! This May Book Fair will be used to support, promote, and kick off our Summer Reading Challenge. The Book Fair will be during the week of May 14-18 (the same week as field day activities). It will be open Monday-Thursday, 8am-3pm, and Friday, 8-11am.

Field Day activities will begin on Monday, May 14th. Each grade level will have their own field day, and parents are invited to the festivities. Grade level field days are as follows: 3rd grade – Monday, May 14th; 1st grade – Tuesday, May 15th; Kindergarten – Wednesday, May 16th; 5th grade – Thursday, May 17th; 4th grade – Friday, May 18th; 3rd grade – Monday, May 21st.