Piedmont man killed in drive-by shooting


On September 10, J.D. Sparkman responded to 226 Smith Dr. in Piedmont, where he found Timothy Joel Ramsey, a 25 year old white male, with a gunshot wound to the head. Ramsey subsequently died from his wound. ACSO spokesman Chad McBride said that the drive-by shooting appears to have targeted Ramsey specifically, since several shots were fired and struck the residence. “We are pursuing this as a homicide investigation, but at this time, we have not identified a suspect,” said McBride.

Anderson County Sheriff’s deputies also investigated the following:


Sept. 8 – E.E. Standard was dispatched to 5045 Sunset Dr. to a residence in foreclosure, where someone had stolen two complete air conditioning units as well as ripping a hundred feet of copper pipe from the walls. The damage was estimated at $5200.

Sept. 8 – J.K Billingsley was dispatched to 301 Mt. Airy Church Rd. where Perry Anderson reported that someone had broken into his residence and stolen electronics valued at $1200.

Sept. 10 – R.D. Smith responded to a location on Three and Twenty Road where Jimmy Sullivan Jr. reported that he had found the gate to the property open when he came by to check it. As he walked into the property he encountered a white male, in his late twenties to early thirties, 5’6″, 130 pounds, red shirt, red ball cap, coming from a storage building. Sullivan pulled a small .22 revolver from his pocket and told the man to halt. When he didn’t, Sullivan reportedly fired three shots at the intruder who fled into the woods. Sullivan also reported that a large amount of metal was missing. The loss was estimated at $3000.


Sept. 9 – K.D. Erskine responded to 346 Holliday St. where Dawn Martin reported that her ex husband, William King, WM, 46, 6’, 176 pounds, brn/blue had assaulted her during an argument. King claimed that she struck herself to cause trouble for him. Erskine took him into custody and subsequently learned that King had two prior convictions for criminal domestic violence.

Sept. 10 – R.M. Cooper responded to Apt. 3 at 15 Burkett Street where Doniell Hedrick reported that Angela Smith, 5’9″, 140 pounds, brn/hazel had dragged her after she became entangled with Smith’s car door, injuring her arm and head.


Sept. 9 – J.T. Bowers responded to 515 Osteen Hill Road where Pamela Amaro stated that her husband Nelson Amaro had struck her in the face during an argument, splitting her lip. Nelson claimed that she had fallen down at a bar earlier and hurt herself. Her mother confirmed that Pamela already had the split lip when they arrived home. No charges were filed and no one was arrested.

Sept. 9 – J.T. Bowers was dispatched to 1052 Blythewood Dr. where Kandi Kindley reported that someone had entered the home while her husband was working in the shop and had stolen a laptop and computer valued at $1450.

Sept. 10 – C.P. Huff responded to 361 Hwy. 183 where Arthur Barnett reported one of his fleet vehicles had been entered during the weekend and items valued at $275 stolen.

Sept. 10 – C.P. Huff responded to 212 Cooper Lane where Keri Christie reported that six storage units at that site had been broken into.

Sept. 10 – C.M. Turner was dispatched to 818 Saluda Drive where Rebecca Huntsman reported the entry into her home and the theft of various electronic items valued at $2950.


Sept. 8 – K.D. Erskine responded to 206 Woodland Lane where Anthony Gault reported that someone had broken into his car and stole items valued at $1000.

Sept. 8 – K.D. Erskine responded to 143 G St. where Ray Lyles stated that someone broke into his garage and stole various items valued at $497.

Sept. 9 – S.L. Steward was dispatched to 411 Parker Dr. where Michael Griffin reported the theft of his golf cart, valued at $1200.

Sept. 9 – J.R. Scott received a phone call at the ACSO desk from Frank Galloway, of 227 Chestnut Springs, reporting the theft of his four wheeler, valued at $800.

Sept. 10 – L.F. Bordem responded to 208 Jalan Dr. where Saravia Mendoza reported the entry into her home and the theft of items valued at $280.