Hurricane Park restroom facility gets funding


By Stan Welch

Due to a financial commitment by District Six County Councilman Ken Waters, a long awaited restroom facility will be completed at Hurricane Park, adjacent to Wren High School. The project, which was started some time ago but which has lain dormant due to funding issues, will be completed in time for the reawakening spring sports programs, according to county officials.

Waters, who periodically holds town hall meetings to get input from his constituents, has heard repeatedly about the need for restroom facilities at the athletic complex, which serves thousands of Piedmont and Powdersville families.

The slab for the facility was poured and plumbing installed more than a year ago. Waters has already allocated all of his individual recreation fund which he receives as a member of the County Council. With those funds and some grant funds the County has obtained, approximately two thirds of the ninety two thousand dollar construction costs are in hand.

Waters has agreed to allocate up to $35,000 from his paving and infrastructure fund as well to assure completion of the project. The County is continuing to pursue additional grants in an effort to make Waters’ latest allocation unnecessary. “We hope to find an alternative source of funding, but Councilman Waters’ commitment to this project makes it certain that it will go forward,” said county administrator Rusty Burns.

The County Council’s finance committee was scheduled to meet Tuesday evening. Among the agenda items is a presentation on the latest railroad proposals to resolve the Gray Drive Bridge problems in Williamston. District Seven County Councilwoman Cindy Wilson remains heavily involved in the issue.

Any action taken on the matter will have to receive final approval at the December 4 meeting of the full Council. A report on that meeting will appear in the December 5 issue of The Journal.