Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works report on project around Anderson County:


The Clemson men’s and women’s basketball charter flights have begun arriving for the season.

· Working to get the Cessna Service Center agreement signed by everyone after Council’s approval at the last council meeting.

· Current Fuel Prices: Avgas full Service – $6.08, Avgas Self Service – $5.66, Jet-A – $5.51

Building & Codes

· Bids have gone out for Phase II Demolition of our targeted Substandard Housing. There are a total of 11. One will be taken down by the owner and the other 10 will be scheduled for demolition after the first of the year. Additional information will be forthcoming by the end of December on demolition dates once we receive the bids.

· In an effort to reach out to the Home Builders, Contractors, Engineers and Architects, our office, along with the Home Builders Association of Anderson, took part in a 1 day training seminar, which was held at the Anderson Civic Center, on the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), which goes into effect January 1st, 2013. Several changes will be taking place and we want to make sure we are coordinating this with the Home Builders, since most of the changes will be affecting them. Additional information will be forthcoming on this issue.

· PERMITS ISSUED: 9 New Single-Family Dwelling and 3 addition/renovation; 20 for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 6 Detached Garage/Storage Buildings; 13 Commercial (These include: West Anderson Water District – New Operations Center, Ingles Pharmacy Remodel, Cell Chemical Addition, and State Farm Up-Fit); 21 Mobile Home including: New Homes and Change of Ownership

· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Michelin Group 83, Iva Quick Stop – New Storage Building, Hair Salon Up-Fit @ Walmart on Hwy. 153, Sprint Cellular – Williamson Rd and Hurricane Creek Rd, 2 Milliken & Co. Signs, Various re-submittals.

Development Standards

· Met with Michelin representative regarding the construction of a new asphalt batch plant located at the Michelin Facility on Masters Blvd. Anderson

· Met with Plastic Omnium Corporation and reviewed site plan for a 106,000 square foot industrial expansion located on Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson

· PLAN REVIEWS: Temporary Sales Office for Wyatt Grant Subdivision located on Cherokee Road in Williamston and Commercial Warehouse Addition located on Corporate Drive in Powdersville

· Reminder to all Departments. With new longer service intervals, driver vehicle inspections are critical. Please advise Fleet services of any issues so we can schedule repairs.

· Current Fuel Prices: Unleaded $3.34á, E20 $3.43á, Diesel $3.49

Planning & Community Development

· Met with SCDOT representatives and County Transportation to discuss Exit 19 traffic study.

· Posted the public hearing ad in the paper for the request for rezoning on Crestview Rd (ZAG District #7 meeting will be held Wednesday, December 5th at 6:30 and the Planning Commission will be held on Tuesday, December 11th at 6)

· Mailed postcards to property owners surrounding the requested rezoning on Crestview Rd. Prepared packets for the December 5th Zoning Advisory Group meeting concerning Crestview Rd rezoning request.

Roads & Bridges

· An incident of a boy falling into a catch basin in River Trace Subdivision on Pocalla Way (C-15-0207) occurred over the holiday weekend. The manhole cover on the catch basin lid was stolen, and the boy was playing near it and accidentally fell in. He needed stitches on the back of his head. The bridge crew tack-welded the remaining manhole covers in the subdivision to avoid more manhole cover thefts.

· Asphalt crew completed a special paving project at Solid Waste’s MRF facility.

· Vegetation crews continued brush and small limb booming in all seven mowing sections.

· Bridge crew installed guardrail at the bridge on Mount Airy Church Road (C-02-0029) and began spalling repairs under several bridges. Spalling is flat chips of concrete that fall off a bridge. It occurs when the bridge concrete cracks and the steel rebar in the concrete gets exposed to air and water and it rusts. The rust expands the size of the rebar and causes the concrete to crack more and spall. Since the rebar on the bottom of the bridge is in tension, it is very important to clean and cover the steel back up with epoxy and concrete so it doesn’t rust anymore. Otherwise the bridge will lose strength the more the rebar rusts away.

· Two encroachment permit violation tickets and fines were upheld in court this week against Kris Mechanical, Inc. for violating a stop work order and failing to notify the county of a road closure. They are the contractor for MetroConnect’s Piedmont sewer project.

· All work on Tyra Lane (C-20-0090) in Springs Landing Subdivision and Maplewood Subdivision has been completed. The residents on Andi Lane (P-11-0047) in Maplewood Subdivision Phase I are considering petitioning for a Special Tax District. Their portion of the subdivision was not covered by the bond default project in Phase II.

Solid Waste

· A busted water line was detected in the Anderson Regional MRF yard. Glenn Plumbing was called in to repair the line. Phone line was cut during the repair but has been fixed.

· Convenience Centers and the Starr C&D Landfill were open normal operation hours the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. The MRF was open on Friday. There were 8700 vehicles that came through the centers those days.

· Staff finished delivering classroom cardboard recycle bins to our area schools for the school recycling program this week.

· Six litter cases went to trial. All were found guilty with 1 bench warrant issued. A gentleman that did not serve out his community service for littering was sentenced to 30 days.

· Staff repaired compactor at the Slabtown Convenience Center due to faulty relay switch.

· Three residents tried to take metal at the Carswell Convenience Center during operational hours on November 21, 2012. The Sheriff’s Department arrested 2 of the individuals who had been placed on “NO TRESPASSING” before the incident. One was placed on “NO TRESPASSING”.


· A cease and desist notice was issued to a property owner conducting land disturbing activity without a stormwater permit in Sandy Springs. The notice was lifted after the property owner established that a SCDHEC mining permit was in effect for the activity.


· Received our October summary of sampling results and DMR (Discharge Monitor Report) from laboratory for 6&20 WWTP. All parameters were within limits and we had no violations.

· Calibrated flow meters at Starr, East Lagoon, West Lagoon, Boscobel and Clemson Research pump stations. The flow meters are calibrated annually.

· Right of Way crew cut 1,350 of sewer lines by hand on the 6&20 lines and repaired a damaged ring and lid. With the water level down due to the drought we were able to locate all of the manholes between Shackleburg Rd. and 6&20 WWTP. Also cut 2 Creek crossing on Hurricane Creek line, a creek crossing on the Cracker Barrel and Memory Lane lines. ROW tractor still in shop for repairs.