Around the County . . .


The Anderson County Public Works Department has been involved in a number of projects througout 2012 and continue working to make things happen going into 2013. Among projects they are involved in around Anderson County are:

Building & Codes

· Phase II Demolition of our targeted Substandard Housing has been awarded. Out of the 11 homes we initially targeted, 2 will be demolished by the owners and the other 9 are scheduled to be razed within 30 days.

· PERMITS ISSUED: 26 New Single-Family Dwelling and 14 addition/renovation; 26 for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 8 Detached Garage/Storage Buildings; 1 Swimming Pool; 12 Commercial Including: Dollar General in Powdersville, Richard Kay Up-Fit, Williamston Church of God Up-Fit, Strait Christian Church – Piers, Henry Molded Products Up-Fit, Walmart Fire Alarm System, Shoals Pump Station, 2 Electrical Upgrades and 3 Signs; 28 Mobile Home including: New Homes and Change of Ownership

· December Stats:

Revenue Up 23% from prior month ( $32,814.50 to $40,478.80)

New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits up 74% (27 to 47)

Total of 542 permits/transactions (Up 24%): 125 Building, 122 Electrical, 81 Plumbing, 82 HVAC, 93 Mobile Homes, 17 Demolition, 22 Miscellaneous

15 Tall Grass Complaints (New and Follow-Up)

Calendar Year Stats (January – December):

Revenue Up 25% from 2011 ($450,837.34 to $563,285.73)

New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwellings up 55% from 2011 (238 to 369)

Total number of permits/transactions up 22% from 2011 (5,216 to 6,363)

Development Standards

· Working with engineering firm on a LOMR (Letter of Map Revision with FEMA) on Birch River in Powdersville

· Working with surveyor on the completion of a LOMR Application (Letter of Map Revision with FEMA) on a watershed study on Brushy Creek

· Attended and presented staff report to Anderson County Citizens Advisory Committee (District 7) at their 1/2/2013 meeting. A variance was requested for a reduction of off-street parking, design, and front yard setbacks for the proposed Family Dollar on Anderson Highway in Williamston. The Committee’s recommendation to the Land Use Board of Appeals was unanimous in favor.

· LAND USE PERMITS APPROVED: Floodplain Development Permit for Riverside Mill Project located at South Gossett Road and Rail Road Street, Trinity’s Gate Tennis Court located in Trinity Gate Subdivision off of Jericho Circle and Mountain View Road, Bottoms Up Tavern located on Clemson Blvd, and a small firearm ammunition distributor located at 526 Mimosa Trail.

· PLAN REVIEWS: Proposed new YMCA located at the intersection of Tripp Road and Wyatt, Powdersville, Ominium, and a Temporary Sales Office for Wyatt Grant Subdivision located on Fair Oaks Road, Piedmont.

· SUBDIVISION REVEIWS: Raven Hill Subdivision located off of Highway 153 and Raven Hill Way. Developer is adding six (6) additional lots along the Saluda River.

· December Stats:

Land Use Permits, 116

Septic Tank Permits, 39

Individual Plat Approvals, 41

Subdivisions, 2 reviewed, 1 approved.

Fleet Services

· Still have 5 vacancies. 1 of the five we are awaiting approval to promote from within. We have only received a few mechanic applications, with minimal qualifications. This is causing major delays and a substantial increase in outsourcing.

· Interviewing for two Tech I mechanic position.

· The Sheriff Office has donated an old S.W.A.T team bus to the Williamston EMS. Fleet is in the process of removing equipment and getting the paperwork done.

· Current Fuel Prices: Unleaded $3.03â, E20 $3.10á, Diesel $3.49â

· December Stats:

252 work orders completed totaling $101,159.29

Total Fuel Gallons used for December: 45,786 (Unleaded 24,532, E20 13,724, Diesel 7,529)

Planning & Community Development

· Discussed potential resolutions for Denver Sandy Springs zoning and traffic issues with County Administrator’s office and with Councilmen from the affected precinct.

· Held and staffed the District 7 Zoning Advisory Board meeting on January 2, 2013, for 1010 and 1010A Crestview Road rezoning request. Applicant is requesting rezoning of two parcels from C-1N to C-1. ZAB voted to deny request by a vote of 3-0 with one abstention and two absent. This was followed by Planning Commission meeting on January 8, 2013, for 1010 and 1010A Crestview Road rezoning request. The PC voted to approve request by a vote of 6-0.

· Sent 1010 and 1010A Crestview Road packet to Council clerk for distribution to Council ahead of their scheduled February 5 meeting.

· Provided information to County Councilpersons on the rezoning application for the corner of Belton Honea Path Highway and Horace Bell Road where the owner has requested rezoning from R-A to C-2.

· Met with a community member at the abandoned mill on Woodward Street in Belton to discuss options for assessment and possible cleanup of site for redevelopment.

· Met with County Emergency Preparedness staff regarding Continuous Operation of Programs (COOP) planning in the event of disaster, terrorism, or major weather events.

Roads & Bridges

· The Laroache Drive (C-02-0079) & Wren Schools “Safe Routes to School” Project that was completed last summer has won a 2013 Engineering Excellence Award from the SC Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies. CDM Smith designed the project for the County and R&B staff managed the project and provided the construction engineering and inspection services. This was the 1st Safe Routes project to be completed in the State.

· December Stats

345 Requests received; 241 work orders completed; 205 pending

27 after-hours call-outs for a total of 43 hours

27 Encroachment Permits for a total of $8057.30

2012 Calendar Year Stats:

5390 Requests received; 5284 work orders completed; 106 pending

110 Encroachment Permits for a total of $20,136.00 (July – December)

· Big Creek Water District is raising its rates from a minimum $28.40 for the first 3000-gallons to $29.50. Each additional 1000 gallons will go from $4 to $4.35. The increase is due to a major pipe replacement that was just completed. The project cost was over $4 million dollars. The Anderson Regional MRF is on this system.

· December Enforcement Stats: 133 Calls, 22 Warnings, 4 Assisting Another Agency, 3 Dumping Tickets, 9 Clean Up Orders, 4 Litter Tickets, 1 State Citation, 4 Uncovered Loads. Fines: $2,358.75.


· Robert’s Presbyterian Church remains under a cease and desist notice for not installing the outlet control structure on the stormwater pond as specified in the approved plans. The contractor is in the process of reinstalling it per the approved plans.

· The manager attended an Upstate Stormwater Managers meeting to plan an upstate-wide training session for design engineers on the requirements of the new Stormwater Construction General Permit.

· Representatives of Upstate Forever, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Anderson County met to outline how we will create a watershed based plan to improve water quality for the Big Creek, Craven Creek, Grove Creek, & Hurricane Creek watersheds in the Saluda river basin. This project is funded through an EPA 319 grant.

· A cease and desist notice was issued to a commercial development on Hwy 153 in Powdersville due to off-site impacts and not following the construction sequence in the approved plans.

· A cease and desist was issued to an unpermitted site on Hurricane Creek Road north of Anderson. Approximately 4 acres was cleared and grubbed. The property owner has responded, and will be certifying that the activity is forestry related.


· Belton has stopped receiving septic tank loads because of sludge build up in the treatment process. We are receiving more septic tank waste than usual. We are trying to accommodate the haulers but with the number of loads that we are receiving (45,000 gallons in 9 days) we may have to limit the amount that we receive. We are trying different procedures but our plant was not designed to continue receiving this

amount of septic waste. Our drying beds are full and we are getting to the point of not being able to waste the sludge from the treatment process.

· We are receiving more complaints concerning Beaver activity around Scotts Bridge and Shackleburg Road. We are researching ways to control the Beavers and restore the flow of the water. We have met with a contractor to look at ways to protect our manholes in this area from taking in surface water. We will need to raise our manholes to keep them above the water if it continues to rise.

· Right of Way crew busted 16 Beaver dams on the Glen Raven and Hurricane Creek sewer lines. We are trying to maintain these lines to prevent our lines and manholes from being under water. We are cutting areas by hand that is not accessible with our ROW tractor. ROW tractor has been in the shop since October 16 and we hope to have it back next week.


· The periodic part 139 certification and safety inspection of the airport was conducted and went well with only a few minor issues to be addressed.

· Current Fuel Prices: Avgas Full Service – $5.63â, Avgas Self Service – $5.21â, Jet-A – $5.47.

· December Stats:

Turbine Landings: 47 Jets, 30 Turbo Prop, 29 Helicopter.

3 Team Charter Jets.

2 Military Helicopter.

7 Freighter Aircraft.

86% Occupancy in T-Hangars.

60% Occupancy in Community Hangar.

Jet-A: 9,819 gallons sold, down from 13,498 gallons December 2011.

Avgas: 4,481 gallons sold, down from 4,721 gallons December 2011.

4 customers with past due accounts totaling $1,403.33.

Aircraft Landings for calendar year 2012: Total 10,711

Jet – 701

Turboprop – 421

Turbine Helicopters – 581

Part 139 Charter Operations – 52

Piston Engine – 9,000

Blimps – 8