Pelzer Council to meet at community building


The Town of Pelzer will hold their regular monthly meeting and a special worksession this Friday, Apr. 12 at the Pelzer Community Building located behind Bi-Lo. The worksession with town Attorney Jimmy King and Scott Slatten of the SC Municipal Association will be held at 11 a.m. Information related to how the annexation process works will be presented. The regular meeting of Council will be held at 12 noon.

Agenda items for the meeting of Council include second reading on a Hospitality Tax ordinance, discussion regarding combining utilities with Town of Williamston, water tank repairs and a report from the Pelzer Heritage Commission.

The Hospitality Tax will be a 2 percent tax on prepared food and beverage items at two businesses located in the town limits. The funds collected from the tax can only be used for recreation and tourism related expenditures. Pelzer has struggled in the past with providing financing for their recreation program and swimming pool.

The issue of annexation came up during the last meeting of Council after discussion of crime and theft problems in the Pelzer area.