Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


July 10 – R.D. Smith responded to 1117 Briarwood Dr. where Brittany Hamilton reported that someone had broken into her car and stolen a portable DVD system and currency. The loss was estimated at $127.

July 10 – G. Culbertson was dispatched to 230 Colonial Dr. where Luther Lucas III reported that someone had stolen his 1999 extended cab 4WD Z-71 pickup truck. The truck bears SC dealer tag #X303897. The loss was set at $4500.

July 10 – J. T. Bowers and E. Russell were dispatched to 9955 Anderson Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Misael Gonzalez, WM, 37, 5’4″, 180 pounds was arrested for public disorderly conduct and transported to ACDC.

July 11 – J.E. Scott responded to 420 Hunt Rd. to Hunt Meadows Elementary School. Tori Tourtelott reported that the school’s billboard along the roadway had been vandalized causing approximately $1000 in damage.

July 11 – J.E. Scott was on patrol near Hwy. 153 when a passerby flagged him down and reported a very intoxicated man struggling with a red Moped near the highway. Scott observed the man drop the moped twice and try to regain his balance just a foot or so from the busy highway. Reports state he made contact with Greg Keene, WM, 42, 5’8″, 145 pounds, brn/brn and found him to be unsteady on his feet and slurring his speech. He was placed into custody on PDOC and transported to ACDC.

July 12 – P.C. Henry was dispatched to the Maintain it now Maintenance Co. where Jacob Brown stated that a 3.5 ton A/C unit valued at $5000 had been stolen.

July 12 – P.A. Cochrane responded to the 7-Eleven store at 3600 Hwy. 153 where the store manager reported that an employee had stolen several cases of beer, valued at over $225.

July 13 – C.T. Vaughn was in the area of Roe Road due to several incidences of vandalism in the area when he received a description of a white SUV seen in the area several times. He soon spotted a vehicle matching the description and made a traffic stop. After several minutes of questioning he received permission to search the vehicle. He subsequently found 7.3 grams of marijuana and an open bottle of vodka in a knapsack belonging to the passenger, John Evans IV, BM, 22, 5.9″, 155 pounds, of Greenville. He was taken into custody and transported to ACDC.

July 13 – D. McQueen investigated a spate of vandalism to at least eight mailboxes in the Planter’s Walk subdivision. The damage was estimated at $900. A white Ford SUV had been sighted with 3-5 subjects in it.

July 14 – J.T. Bowers was dispatched to 1026 Robinson Rd. where Justin Pearce reported the theft of a black 6’X10’ dump trailer he was using in renovating the property at that location. The loss was estimated at $4000.


July 12 – C.M. Turner responded to 104 Lockaby Rd. in reference to a public disorderly conduct complaint. Upon arrival they spoke with three juveniles (2WF, 1BM) who reported that someone in a black pick-up truck had harassed them on the way from town to the incident location, swerving and cutting them off twice. The father of the female driver got a tag number which came back to a 1997 Chevy pick-up. While the deputy was on the scene a truck matching the description was seen in front of the residence. Deputy Turner made contact with the driver, Johnny Ray Patterson, Jr., WM, 28, 5’7″, 215 pounds, brn/blue; as well as with Christopher Brandon Hicks, WM, 33, 5’7″, 215 pounds, red/grey, both of H I Taylor Rd. Both were subsequently arrested for PDOC and transported to ACDC.

July 14 – J.R. Scott was dispatched to the Bi-Lo at 330 Lebby St. where two witnesses reported seeing Bruce Mays, BM, 30, 5’9″, 148 pounds, slap a woman identified as Jennifer Tyner, WF, 36, 5’, 110 pounds, red/grn at the Bi-Lo and also at the Hickory Point. Despite Tyner’s claims that while he had slapped her it wasn’t at those two places, Mays was taken into custody. WPD Officer Winn also responded to take a report from Mays that Tyner had earlier hit him with a liquor bottle at their residence in Williamston. Tyner was subsequently arrested for that incident and both were transported to ACDC.

July 14 – J.K. Turner responded to 213 Muth Ave. where Mark Henderson reported the theft of two utility trailers valued at $1350.


July 10 – J.C. Wilkinson responded to 115 Grace Lane where Timothy Wofford reported that someone had broken the rear window of his pickup truck. The damage was estimated at $100.

July 11 – R.M. Cooper was dispatched to Wren High School where a school employee reported that the school’s electric exterior sign had been damaged, as well as a number of windows in the school broken. The damage was estimated at $1000.

July 12 – J.M. Fowler was dispatched to 215 Middleton Place where Armando Castells reported the theft of $1800 in cash from a coat hanging in a closet.

July 14 – P.A. Cochrane responded to 320 Ross Street where Frederick Thurston reported the theft of his blue 2010 TaoTao 150 cc moped, valued at $1500.

July 14 – Cpl. K.D. Pigman responded to the Ingle’s supermarket in reference to a counterfeit twenty dollar bill that a cashier had received.


July 10 – K. Evatt responded to 15 Breazeale Rd. where Debra Rochester reported the theft of her son’s silver BMX bicycle, valued at $70.

July 12 – G.M. Hayden filed an incident report concerning the failure of Shaun Bell, WM, 6’, 190 pounds, brn/brn to register as a sex offender. Bell was arrested on June 10 for a sex register violation. His status has been changed from active to wanted/absconded on the sex offender watch list.

July 12 – E.S. Russell responded to 264 Paulan Rd. where a resident reported that another Paulan Rd. resident, name unknown, had exposed his/her buttocks to him and his four year old daughter as they drove past. The man said he wasn’t sure of the person’s sex, but thought it was a man dressed as a woman. He said when he and his daughter returned later, the same thing happened.