SC spending growth one of lowest in nation – Government


Fiscal conservatives in the Palmetto State have yet another reason to celebrate South Carolina’s successful efforts to keep taxes low and limit government growth. A report by a leading national tax analysis organization, the Tax Foundation, demonstrates how South Carolina and other conservative states are helping to set a new national standard for responsible government budgeting. Its review shows state government spending in South Carolina grew just 16.8 percent over ten years, ranking it 48th in a national listing of state government growth amounts.

House Speaker Bobby Harrell said, “If you believe more of your paycheck should be going into your bank account instead of going to grow government, then South Carolina is the state for you. When other states were raising taxes to deal with budget shortfalls, South Carolina’s fiscally conservative majority stood strong to keep taxes low and to cut spending. The conservative states highlighted in this study should serve as an example for other states – and especially for our deficit-spending Congress – of what lawmakers can accomplish by focusing on core functions of government.”

House Majority Leader Bruce Bannister said, “With yet another major report showing our state as a national leader on fiscal responsibility, South Carolinians know that the conservative majority they elected is working hard to represent the responsible government values they voted for.”