Around the County . . .


The following projects are underway throughout the county by the Anderson County Public Works Department:

· Development Standards

§ Received Land Use Permit Application for a proposed tattoo parlor located on Anderson Road in Piedmont.


§ Coca Cola Bottling Company located on SC Highway 86 and Old Williamston Road.

§ Craytonville Fire Department located on McAdams School Road.

§ Tru-Flo Commercial Building located in Powdersville.

§ New Springs Powdersville Campus – Landscaping plan.

§ Arbors at Cobb’s Glen-Planned Development for six (6) Lots

§ Floodplain Development Permit for single-family home located on West Church Street, Easley.

§ Highway 153/River Road Commercial Modular Office.



§ Family Dollar Retail Store located on US Highway 29

§ Cellular Tower Addition located on Cantrell Road, Williamston

§ Rivendell/Buckland Planned Development for Lot 11


§ Family Dollar Retail Store located on US Highway 29


§ Received application for Hemlock Subdivision, Phase II

§ Received application for 3 & 20 Development for nine (9) residential lots located on 3 & 20 Road.


· GPATS Policy Committee meeting at Greenville County Square. The Policy Committee voted unanimously to approve the Highway 153 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) acceleration. The TIP funding will pay for intersection and median improvements along the 153 corridor. The Policy Committee also heard the Town of Williamston’s Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) request for $200,000, with no vote required until final applications are due in June.

· Planning and Public Works Committee. Committee voted unanimously to move forward Chapter 1 of the Comprehensive Plan. The Committee also voted unanimously to approve the Road Classification List and present to full Council for second reading/public hearing on April 7th.

· Continued to receive input and survey results for Highway 81 Overlay District. The next public meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 26, at 6PM at the Reed Road YMCA.

Building and Codes

· PERMITS SUBMITTED: 12 New Single-Family Dwelling Issued and 7 Addition-Renovation; 6 Detached Garage/Storage Buildings; 15 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 4 Swimming Pools; 6 Demolition; 1 Renewal/Replacement; 10 Commercial Including: DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Carolina Vapor Mill Up-Fit off of Hwy. 153, Duplex located off Club Road in Williamston, Retaining Wall for Family Dollar Store in Belton, Sign for Plastic Omnium, Real Pizza Up-Fit located in Piedmont.

Roads & Bridges

· Asphalt crew paved Dacus Road and Landfill Road cross-over repair areas.

· Grading crew replaced cross-line on Landfill Road at the Rector Road intersection and ditched the roadside for positive water flow.

· Sign crew updated all of the signs in Oakwood Estates Subdivision (off Kings Road), and they made some specialty signs for the Starr Walking Track.

Solid Waste

· Shred Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 18 at Anderson School District 1 located at 801 N. Hamilton St. and at the Civic Center of Anderson located at 3207 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Residents can bring their paper for free shredding from 10am until 1pm.

· The Town of Pendleton is having a town wide cleanup on March 21, 2015. Staff delivered water, 50 trash bags and 15 litter grabbers to assist with the cleanup. We appreciate their effort to pick up litter.

· Staff assisted the volunteers from Fraenkische USA, LP on picking up 6 bags of road litter that they picked up on Ellison Rd. and Paulan Rd. We appreciate their help in the fight against litter.

· Environmental Enforcement is investigating another illegal tire dump at the Dolly Cooper Park. Individuals dumped 10 used tires at the park. Staff picked up the tires and took them to the Anderson Regional MRF for recycling.

· Construction continues to be slow at the Slabtown and Carwell Convenience Centers due to the rainfall that we are having at this time.


· Completed and submitted blanket permit for traffic control to SCDOT.

· Completed ReWa forms necessary for Project Upstate sewer permitting.

· Prepared sewer availability letter for Hemlock Subdivision.

· Observed 8 inch sewer line installation at Three Bridges Road.

· One sewer tap inspection in Airy Springs subdivision lot# 21.

· Pulled pump #2 at Hurricane Creek because of bad wear ring, it was sent to the shop for repairs. Discovered a possible ground in the motor and will also test the pump winding.

· On call personnel received A/C power failure at Stonehaven pump station this week.