Input gathered now to be used for future planning


Envision Williamston

By David Meade

Approximately 20 people participated in an Envision Williamston open house workshop held Monday at the Williamston Municipal Center. Tee Coker of Arnett Muldrow & Associates and Jack Cebe of Alta Planning led the session

Areas looked at included: streetscaping and traffic; commercial architecture and development; residential architecture and development; public space amenities,; parking; parks and open space and street furnishings such as signage, lighting and benches.

There was also an opportunity to offer input on sidewalks, multi-use biking/pedestrian trails and lanes, greenways and other related projects that would improve walkability in the area.

Residents were given green peel and stick dots to place on posters showing their preferences in features they would like to see incorporated in the future development of the town.

Envision Williamston is a broader initiative of the Main Street Williamston program and encompasses a planning process for the entire town’s future.

Commnity input will be incorporated into a Commmunity Master Plan for the town.

The Community Master Plan will include short and long term planning for parks, recreation, economic development and a road map for the town.

The first session for development of a community master plan for Envision Williamston was a two day strategic assessment held in May.

The first round of interview sessions focused on assessing perspectives on the local economy, successes, desires for future development, improvement and how the town is currently marketed and perceived.

Business and building owners, leaders of community groups, economic development and county representatives and others offered input during roundtable sessions held over the two day period.

Three community town hall meetings were held for input from residents.

A planning “Charette” will be held in August for interested persons to offer input on a variety of things they would like to see in Williamston.