Water customers may see some discoloration


Water customers being supplied by the Anderson Regional Joint Water System (ARJWS) including Williamston and Big Creek water customers, may see some minor water discoloration over the next few days. The ARJWS treatment plant has detected color in the raw drinking water supply which is being caused by increased levels of manganese and iron dissolved in the water.

Manganese and iron are naturally occurring elements that are abundant on earth and essential to human health. The water remains safe to drink and is not demonstrating any taste or odor issues at this time.

Water may appear to have a slight gray tint with manganese and a red-brown tint with iron. If you notice any water discoloration, limit clothes washing until discoloration subsides. The appearance of any tint should disappear over the next few days as water already in the distribution system is used.

Staff are implementing methods to address the increased color including pre-oxidation of manganese and iron to hasten its removal during filtration, optimizing other in-plant treatment processes, and increasing powdered activated carbon to help capture any organic color. The color is not present at water treatment plant clear well but is reappearing in the distribution system as dissolved manganese and iron are exposed to oxygen later in the distribution system.

“Staff are increasing the frequency of taste and odor panel sampling and including an appearance assessment,” ARJWS executive director Scott Willet said. “If you are interested in helping, additional volunteers for the taste and odor panel are needed and appreciated.”

Anderson Regional Water is a partnership of 15 rural and municipal water districts devoted to providing a high-quality, clean, safe, reliable, economical flow of treated water to its wholesale customers in Anderson and Pickens counties. For more information please visit their website www.arjwater.com.