Around the County . . .


The Anderson County Public Works Department announced the following projects underway across Anderson County:

Animal Shelter

? Staff met with representatives from Target Zero Wednesday through Friday. Target Zero is a non-profit, pro bono group who travels to shelters around the Country assessing efficiency and best practices. Staff hopes to implement suggestions from the group moving forward. 

Building and Codes

? Phase I of our Substandard Housing Demolition Plan is underway. Phillip’s Recoveries was the low bidder and is in the process of demolition of: 1) 26 R Street, 309 Drake Circle, 1200 Pearl Harbor Way and 3527 Keys Street. Two other properties were originally on the list (602 George Albert Lake Rd – Owner will be demolishing and 3018 S Main Street – Property record change) that were removed.

? Met with Development Standards to review house plans that were submitted for a PD (Planned Development). Drawings were approved as submitted

? PERMITS SUBMITTED: 7 New Single-Family Dwelling and 3 Addition-Renovation; 8 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 2 Poultry House; 1 Pool; 7 Demolition; 17 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 11 Commercial Including: McCoy Lumber Framing Shed, Storage Building for Upstate Electrical Motors, Beaverdam Quick-Stop Up-Fit, Electrical Service for Pump Station, Electrical Meter Replacement for Hytech Machining, Re-Roof for Evans Drug Store, Wild Wing Café Re-Roof, Replacing Existing Gas Pack for Commercial Space, Relocation of Electrical Meter Panel for Mycah Inc., Electrical Service Upgrade to Cross Road CME Church, Electrical Upgrade to Harper’s Meats; 15 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

? DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Electrical Upgrade to Harper’s Meats located off Dobbins Bridge Rd., Ingles Market Gas Express # 76 located in Belton and Various resubmittals

Development Standards


? Citizens Advisory Committee for District 4 will meet on Wednesday October 5, 2016 at 6:30PM to hear the following request-variance application request to allow for a reduction of side yards setbacks for property located at 121 Bertha Drive, Anderson. District 4 recommendation will be submitted to the Land Use Board of Zoning Appeals at their October 13, 2016 meeting.

? Land Use Board of Zoning Appeals will meet on Thursday October 13, 2016 to hear the following variance requests:

§  Variance to increase directional signage located at 5121 Old Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson.

§  Variance request for a reduction of front yard setbacks located at 9104 Highway 81S, Iva.

§  Variance request to allow a double wide mobile home to replace a single wide mobile home located at 423-B Sharon Church Road, Liberty.

§  Variance request to allow for the construction of addition to an existing residential home site located at 542 Dogwood Lane, Townville.

§  variance request to allow a double wide mobile home to replace a single wide mobile home located at 111 Homestead Road, Easley

? Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday October 11, 2016 at 6:00PM to hear the following variance request. Applicant requesting a variance to subdivide and abandon an existing mobile home park. The property is located at 203 Sherwood Drive, Belton.


§  Piedmont Multi-Family Apartments located on Beardsley Road, Piedmont.

§  Verizon Wireless new 185’ communications tower

§  Western Upstate Association of Realtors addition located at 600 McGee Road, Anderson.

§  Lakeside RV Sales Expansion located on Highway 24, Anderson.

§  Beaverdam Convenient Store located on Beaverdam Road, Williamston.

§  Midway Ridge, a PD, Planned Development, Lot #12 Final approval Granted.

§  Caledonia, Lot #72, Floodplain Development Final Approval Granted.

§  Birch River, 101 Birch River, Floodplain Development, final approval granted.


§ Powdersville YMCA new Swimming Pool/Amenity Area.

§  Open Arms Outreach Ministries new 27,000 square foot church located at 4017 Highway 81S, Anderson.

§  Spinx Store #135 Refueling Station located at Old Williamston Road, Piedmont.

§  Airplane Strip Landing site for private plane located 1251 Cherokee Road, Pelzer

§  Powdersville Orthodontist located on Hood Road, Piedmont.

§  Cook Dentist located at Highway 86, Piedmont.