West Pelzer Police Report


West Pelzer Police Officers investigated the following incidents recently:
Jan. 7 – Chief Brewer observed Brandon Lee Strickland on his parent’s porch at 3 Holiday Street. Brewer was aware of an outstanding warrant for a probation violation, as well as four other warrants from the SCHP. He placed Strickland under arrest and transported him to ACDC.
Jan. 10 – Sgt. Scott Stoller initiated a traffic stop for a vehicle license violation and subsequently discovered that Juan Mateo, Hispanic male, 5’4”, 125 pounds had no driver’s license. He was cited and released to a licensed friend, along with the vehicle.
Jan. 11 – Chief Brewer, while running radar on Main Street, observed a Jeep traveling at fifty miles an hour in a thirty five mph zone. He subsequently learned that Angela Maria Perez, Hispanic female,49, 5’5”, 189 pounds, had no license in S.C. or any other state. She was cited and released to a licensed driver.
Jan. 14 – Lt. Alexis Eliopoulos was dispatched to a break in at 4 Park St. Dispatch described three subjects seen running from the scene towards a house near the Pelzer Rescue Squad location. He established their presence before speaking to the victim, Vaughn Davis. Davis reported that three subjects had broken into his shed. He confronted them and they fled. After further investigation, Eliopolous arrested Camdon Williams, 17, BM, and Justin Philips, Hispanic male, 18. The third subject was a 15 year old WM, 5’9”, 120 pounds. His identity is withheld under state law.
Jan.15 – Chief Brewer observed a vehicle with an expired tag while on patrol, and made a traffic stop. He discovered that Christopher Henderson, WM, 30, 5’10”, 170 pounds, had a suspended license as well. Henderson was cited and he and the vehicle were released to a licensed driver.
Jan. 19 – Sgt. Scott Stoller initiated a traffic stop on a white Ford F-250 truck with a black ladder rack. The truck fled on Sylvia Street, cutting off its lights as well. Stoller relocated the vehicle shortly after at Tasha Drive and again attempted a traffic stop. This time the vehicle stopped and waited until Stoller exited his cruiser before fleeing once more. The vehicle fled towards Williamston on SC 20, driving recklessly and maintaining speeds in the 60s and 70s. Two WPD cruisers joined the pursuit, assuming control of the chase. The pursuit was terminated for the public safety and was later taken up by Belton police. The truck was never stopped, but was identified as a 2001 F-250, SC tag 7111MM, registered to Gabriel Angel Prestegui Gomez.
Jan. 21 – Lt. Alexis Eliopoulos observed a speeding vehicle while on patrol. She stopped the vehicle for 50 in a 35 zone and subsequently discovered that Michael Pecos McClure, WM, 45 was in possession of marijuana paraphernalia. He was cited for speeding as well, and released with a summons.
Jan. 28 – Lt. Alexis Eliopoulos observed a vehicle on Main Street with an expired tag. She stopped the vehicle and subsequently Jason Craine, WM, 34. Craine had no valid license, or proof of insurance. An NCIC check revealed that he also had a suspended license. He was given three citations and the vehicle was released to a licensed passenger.
Jan. 29 – Lt. Alexis Eliopoulos observed a white Ford Explorer use the Sav-Way parking lot to avoid the traffic signal and initiated a traffic stop. Subsequently, the driver, Mitchell Hooper, WM, 21, was found to be operating without a license, without insurance and with a tag that belonged on another vehicle. He was placed under arrest. A subsequent allowed search of the vehicle revealed drug paraphernalia as well.
Jan. 30- Lt. Alexis Eliopoulos observed a vehicle execute an illegal right turn on red at Main Street and Hwy 20. She made a traffic stop and learned that the driver Ansberto Zaragoza, Hispanic male, 28, had no driver’s license. He did, however, have a Mexican passport, which he presented. He was given two citations and a court date.