Class offered to prepare for disasters

Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management Division is hosting community education classes intended to help citizens prepare for natural and man-made disasters.
The “Disaster Preparedness After Hours Series” is a new opportunity for the community to get involved with personal emergency preparedness and will include a number of interactive workshops that provide information and resources for participants to develop a family emergency plan.
In times of crisis and disaster, critical services like water, power and telephone may not be readily available and response by police, fire, and EMS may be extremely limited. The first 72 hours are on each person to ensure they are adequately prepared to survive in the aftermath of a devastating event. As the saying goes, “The first 72 are on you.”
The first session in the series, “Preparedness on a Shoestring: How to make a low-cost or no-cost disaster kit,” will take place on Monday, March 25, at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the Anderson County Library Main Branch located at 300 N. McDuffie Street in Anderson.
Additional sessions in the series will include: Where is Everybody: Establishing a personal support network; Storm Safe: Planning for and practicing an evacuation; Home Safe Home: Implementing simple risk-reduction measures; Putting Out Fires: Identifying and reducing home fire risks; Pet/Service Animal Preparedness: Taking care of pets during disaster; Preparedness: Getting involved in community emergency response.
Dates, times, and locations for the follow-up classes will be announced on the Emergency Management website and social media. Those who are interested in attending can sign up online at or by calling (864) 332-5738. Space is limited, but plans are already in place to host additional session in other parts of Anderson County depending upon community interest.