Town continues working on sewer upgrades


The Town of Williamston began work on the upcoming 2019-2020 budget during a work session held Friday at he Williamston Municipal Center. Before working on the budget, there was some discussion about a current sewer project which is being funded through CDBG grant funds of approximately $500,000.
The project includes a new collection line in the area of East 1st St and other work in that drainage basin.
Residents have been surveyed about the need for the project and town staff and employees have also been very helpful in collecting information, according to Mayor Durham. “It has been a team effort,” he said. “This project is a direct benefit for out citizens”.
Durham said the project is in the area of Mahaffey to 1st Street and then to the “new” Milliken line. He said residents on Gray Drive and other surrounding areas will see indirect benefits from the new line because their sewer eventually come to that line.
“We are working from the trunk lines out to the system,” the mayor said.
Utilities Director David Rogers said the project includes larger lines and extensions. Many are in need of replacement due to age, being made of clay, failing joints and root intrusion, he said.
The biggest problem area is where the line goes through a wooded area near Milliken, Rogers said.
“It is needed improvement in our system. We will upgrade as we can.”
Rogers said the project will go out from the Milliken collection line, which is fairly new, and extend to Belton Drive. According to the mayor, the town has been under a ten year DHEC consent order due to inflow and infiltration problems and is currently working on a five year plan for improvements.