Traffic top discussion at Powdersville Town Hall


By Stan Welch
At a town hall meeting in Powdersville on April 8, traffic concerns once again dominated the discussion. The difference this time, according to a memo to District Six Councilman Jimmy Davis from SCDOT engineer Kevin McLaughlin, the complaints were much more detailed than is the norm.
McLaughlin assured Davis that the various issues will be reviewed and an update on what DOT can and will be doing to address them will be forthcoming.
Some of the concerns raised, and possible solutions appear include:
Increase length of planned right turn lane on Old Pendleton Road SC 153 in project being developed at this time.
Modify access limitations for the planned intersection improvement project at SC 153 and River Road.  Concern is about how much traffic would be diverted to adjacent roads and this impact when the project is done and the access limitations are in place.
Better delineations for concrete islands at limited access crossovers and on Roe Road at SC 153 intersection.
Traffic synchronization on SC 153 and considering more recent counts.
Wrong Way maneuvers at limited access crossover at Walmart/McDonalds.
Traffic signal at SC 153 and Roe Road taking too long in low traffic demand times to change to Roe Road approaches green.
Project to add right turn lanes on Roe Road approaches at SC 153; this one will need to be addressed with Keith Brockington with GPATS.  He probably made a note to add it to the intersections list that they have for funding project prioritization and potential development.
More signing/delineation needed for keep moving traffic flow at I-85 southbound off-ramp.
Guardrail request on Piedmont Road (S-52) at sharp curve near River Road/I 85 interchange.
Interchange needs at I-85 with SC 153 and River Road; Keith Brockington responded to this question and advised about I-85 project in the works now to address interchanges and maybe also widening on I-85 from US 29 split in Anderson County to Spartanburg County.