Williamston Police Report


Incident reports from the Williamston Police Department have been withheld for several weeks due to a printer problem at the WPD. They now have a new printer and we are updating reports from the past several weeks. We hope to have reports up to date by the next issue.

Williamston police officers investigated the following incidents reported between Sept. 25 and Oct. 16:

Sept. 25 – Patrolman C. Brown responded to 614 N. Hamilton St. in reference to the theft of bicycles.
Sept. 27 – Patrolman B.C. Creel responded to 219 S. Hamilton St. in reference to the theft of a utility trailer from that location. William Edward Phillips reported that the trailer was detached from the truck he had it connected to and had been stolen. A single tire track was the only evidence.
Oct. 6 – Patrolman Cason Brown responded to 203 Williams St. Extension in reference to a larceny. No suspect was identified and no arrest made.
Oct. 11 – Sgt. M. Eddleman responded to the vacant building adjacent to the offices of The Journal newspaper, where publisher/owner David Meade reported the theft of four pieces of T-111 wooden siding, valued at $240.
Oct. 12 – Sgt. M. Edelman responded to 204 Mauldin St., in reference to a possible burglary. Sgt. Eddleman made contact with Brent Forrest Macintosh, who stated that a neighbor had seen an unknown white male on his property. Macintosh said the back door was damaged but he had not entered the house. A pane of glass was broken and the door opened. The sergeant and the homeowner inspected the house and found no evidence of further damage, or theft. Some forensic evidence was gathered and bagged. The location was placed on a keep check list.
Oct. 16 – Patrolman B.C . Creel responded to 111 S. Academy St. in reference to an assault complaint. Upon arrival, he made contact with Michelle Kennedy, WF, 39, who had minor injuries. He subsequently arrested Christopher Ray Allen, WM, 23, 5’11”, 250 pounds.
Oct. 16 – Patrolman B.C. Creel responded to the McDonald’s parking lot in reference to a complaint about a suspect attempting entry to an employee’s car. He subsequently arrested Michael Shane Ebert, WM, 22, 5’5”, 120 pounds of Annandale Drive in Anderson. The charge was possession of drug paraphernalia.