West Pelzer Police Report


West Pelzer Police Officers investigated the following incidents during August:

Aug. 1 – Ofc. J. Jones was on patrol when he observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, which his radar confirmed. He initiated a traffic stop and subsequently discovered that the driver, Ollie Patterson, BM,55, had a suspended license and no insurance on the vehicle. The DUS was the third offense in five years and Patterson was arrested and cited for three violations. He was transported to ACDC.
Aug. 10 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos responded to a complaint of a breach of trust at 9 Burkett St. It was determined that the offense occurred in Williamston, but the police declined to take a report because the complainant, Sandra Gail Chastain, 61, had given Cory Chastain permission to use her car, despite the possibility that his license was suspended. Eliopoulos and ACSO Deputy Williams asked to speak with Cory anyway; but when Sandra went in to get him, they heard loud screaming. Upon entering the house, they found Cory Chastain unconscious on the bathroom floor with a needle, a spoon and a powdered substance next to him. He was blue and apparently suffering from an overdose. Eliopoulos administered nasal Narcan and he improved. EMS arrived and transported him to the hospital. She collected the drugs for testing and placed them in evidence.
Aug. 11 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos responded to the 7-11 at 2 Main Street, where she confirmed that two subjects, Taylor Alyssa Lee, WF,19, 5’3”, 119 pounds, and Sandra McClain, WF, 38, were both on trespass notice for that location. Both were cited and given a court date.
Aug. 11 – Ofc. R. Marro observed a van with what appeared to be an expired tag and initiated a traffic stop. The van was also pulling a utility trailer. A strong smell of raw – not smoked – marijuana alerted Marro to the possible presence of an amount greater than the single joint the driver admitted to. He requested a K9 unit but the handler said that the condition and contents of the van made it unsafe for the dog to search. In the meantime, information came back that the Greer Police Department had an active warrant on the driver, Wayne Lemuel Shuler, WM, 48, 5’8”, 150 pounds. Marro placed him under arrest and met a Greer PD unit at exit 44 to transfer the subject. The vehicles were towed.
Aug. 11 – Ofc. R. Marro observed a vehicle with a 2019 sticker on the tag and initiated a traffic stop. The driver, Robert Cromer Glenn, WM, 57, 5’10”, 220 pounds had no registration or proof of insurance. The car was registered to his girlfriend. He was cited for the tag and lack of insurance and was given a ride home by Marro. The vehicle was towed.
Aug. 17 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos responded to a complaint of an aggressive dog running loose. Arriving at 100 Main Street, she contacted the pedestrian involved and recognized the dog as belonging to a nearby home. She contacted the dog’s owner, Travis Winchester, who was unaware that the dog was loose. He was cited for letting the dog run loose and given a court date.
Aug. 19 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos initiated a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle and discovered that the driver, Gonzalo Zarate, of Argentina, had no license. The vehicle was towed and he was given a summons and a court date.
Aug. 23 – Ofc. R. Marro made a traffic stop for speeding on a red pickup and subsequently discovered an expired license, several different IDS and some bank cards, a small amount of marijuana, an open container, several knives of excessive length, and improperly stored prescription medicine. He issued several citations to the driver, Patrick Norwood, BM,43, 5’11”, 193 pounds, and to his wife Lynn Norwood, BF, 47, 56”, 180 pounds. The driver was also detained due to an outstanding warrant.