Williamston Police Report Sept. 2-10, 2020


Williamston Police Officers recently investigated a number of thefts including one in which a stolen trailer and lawnmower were tracked by the victim by GPS to Ware Shoals. Among incidents investigated during the week of Sept. 2-10 were the following:

Sept. 2 – Ptl. Sparks and Ptl. Parker were dispatched to the Burger King in response to a reported burglary. Shift manager Kristen Mayberry arrived to open the restaurant and noticed a strong burnt smell upon entry. She discovered damage to the store’s safe and a broken window in the back. She contacted police and the two officers responded. They cleared the building and contacted Det. L. Culbertson. Security video showed subjects clothed in all inclusive suits and using a grinder to cut into the side of the safe. They fled when Mayberry arrived at approximately 4:33 a.m.

Sept. 6 – Sgt. L.E. Mulz received a report at the police station from a walk-in citizen who reported that a fence at 6 Mauldin St. had been damaged by a car that drove through it. He relocated to that address and spoke with Kenneth and Louise Marshall, who stated that a vehicle had driven through the fence and into their back yard. Based on several parts knocked off the car, it is believed to be a 2015 silver Honda. Damage was estimated at $1000.

Sept. 7 – Trisha Ann Airline, BF, 47 1206 Ramona Dr., Belton was arrested for driving under suspension and issued a warning for speeding after a dark color Honda was observed on Academy St. traveling at 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. She was transported to ACDC without incident. D. H. Hart investigated.

Sept. 7 – Officers were dispatched to Lander Memorial Library, 925 Greenville Dr., in reference to a found firearm. The 9mm Luger had one round ejected from the chamber but no magazine clip. The serial number had been intentionally scratched or manipulated. The firearm was placed into evidence at WPD. M. B. Jackson investigated.

Sept. 7 – Savway, 309 W. Main St., Williamston reported a gas drive off. The store manager reported a dark color truck that appeared to be driven by a white male with dark brown hair pumped $15 in gas and left without paying. D. Vickery investigated.

Sept. 7 – Two people were arrested after officer D. Vickery was flagged down by several people in the intersection of S. Hamilton and E. Main St. in reference to a motorist in the middle of the road not moving. According to reports the driver and passenger of the 2013 Hyundai were passed out in the front seat.  During a search of the vehicle, officers found two small baggies of a green leafy like substance believed to be marijuana. Layla Deprise Spence, WF, 27 3628 Crystal Park Ln., Grifton NC was and Ryan Drake Phillips, WM, 32, 103 Blueforest Ln., Greenville were both issued a summons for simple possession of marijuana. A sober licensed driver was called to come pick them up.

Sept. 9 – While patrolling in the area of Gossett St., and Pecan Terrace Apartments, officer L. B. Culbertson observed a suspicious vehicle parked at the Veterans Park parking lot. Upon investigation, a Jeep Cherokee and an older model Honda were found parked next to each other and as officers approached, the driver of the Jeep took off on foot in the direction of the Armory Gym. The 2004 Jeep Cherokee was found to be stolen out of Ohio. The driver of the Honda, Thomas Jacob Cathey was sitting in the Jeep and identified the man that fled at William Josepth Korosec.

Cathey, whose license was suspended, said they had met up to talk. The Honda was released to Cathey’s mother who was the registered owner. The owner of the Jeep, Korosec’s sister in Ohio, did not want to press charges and did not want to retrieve the Jeep, which was towed. No warrants were issued in connection with the incident. L. B. Culbertson, Reserve A. Davis investigated.

Sept. 9 – James Seth Irwin, WM, 36, 301 Evert Dr., Piedmont reported accidently leaving a wallet on the counter at Burger King, 905 Greenville Dr. Reports state management saw a white male walk up to counter and took the wallet and put in into his pocket. In addition to ID and other cards, the wallet contained $100 in cash. Later Irwin called the WPD and stated he found an envelope outside of his residence with a note written on it which stated “Found at Burger King in Williamston”. All of the contents were still inside and nothing, including the cash, was missing. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Sept. 10 –

Two people were arrested by Sheriff’s deputies after a suspicious vehicle was observed, by a Williamston police officer on her way to work. Officer T. L. Eichelberger observed the vehicle parked behind the old Fred’s building, 297 E. Greenville Dr. and made contact with the subjects.  In addition to outstanding warrants in Greenville County, Officer Eichelberger noticed air conditioning part in the back seat of the vehicle. Due to the location just outside city limits, ACSO was notified. Anderson County Deputy John Williams responded, placed the subjects under arrest and transported them to the custody of Greenville County. Arrested were Shannon Dean Howard, WM, 53, 97 Parker St., Williamston and Amanda Beth Gurien, WF, 41, 517 Gossett Dr., Williamston.

Sept. 10 – Officers with the WPD assisted Greenville County Sheriff’s Office with a warrant for Tommy Timms. Timms has an outstanding general session warrant for failure to comply for trafficking methamphetamine. The warrant was served at 15 Mattison St., in Williamston.  The person in control of the residence consented to a search of the premises where officers found two needles, two digital scales, a container with small baggies, a straw and a small scale inside. The items were taken as evidence to be destroyed. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Sept. 9 – David Rogers, Town of Williamston reported vandalism at Brookdale Park. Picnic tables and awning were spray painted with the numbers “666” and the phrase “I can see”. Damage was estimated at $100. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.

Sept. 10 – Williamston officers were contacted by Dispatch regarding a larceny underway. Brad Dalton, 108 Mahaffey Rd., Williamston reported a trailer and lawnmower, both with GPS tracking devices on them, were stolen from his yard and were showing on his phone as being in motion on Cheddar Rd. The Williamston officer was informed that Cheddar Rd. was outside the WPD jurisdiction and he would have to contact central dispatch to get a County Deputy to meet him there.  The GPS showed the trailer had stopped at 1020 Cloud Drive, where Dalton and his father witnessed two men unload the trailer. They waited for an hour at the end of the street for a sheriff’s deputy to arrive, but the truck left with the trailer and lawnmower before Deputies arrived. Fifteen minutes later deputies arrived on the scene, took information and recovered stolen items from a vacant house. Items recovered included two hoverboards valued at $300 and one gallon of insecticide valued at $30. By then, the GPS showed the trailer and lawnmower were on Graden Rd. in Ware Shoals. ACSO deputies passed on the information to Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. The 2015 John Deere D105 Riding Lawn Mower was valued at $1000 and the single axle trailer valued at $700. On Sept. 11, the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office contacted WPD that they and recovered the stolen lawn mower and trailer. C. Parker, D. Hart investigated.