Williamston Town Council to look at development projects, other issues Monday


By Stan Welch
With no discussion of the various issues, Mayor Mack Durham sailed quickly through a review of next Monday night’s town council agenda. At the work session the council routinely holds in the week prior to council meetings, Durham ran through a list of ordinances and contractual matters the Council will have to address.
The contract between the town and the Anderson County public defender’s office will receive a second reading. Durham explained that town attorney Lee Cole had researched the various options for providing public defenders to certain subjects in the municipal court, and had determined that contracting with the county is more efficient than contracting individual lawyers on a case by case basis.
A contract between the town and Scout Development, LLC will receive first reading. Scout Development is planning to construct a sixty unit housing project on a tract of land owned by the town, and located between First Street and Mahaffey Street. Durham also stated that another major economic development project will be announced Monday night. He declined to provide any details.
There will also be a discussion of the placement of yard signs, as well as the presence of campers in residents’ yards. “Are they just being stored? Are they being lived in? These are some of the things we need to address,” said Durham.
The town will also receive its annual audit report in the coming weeks. “Despite COVID, we have managed to remain in good financial condition.” Durham reported that the town is seeking to improve the recent paving job done on Mattison Street, a project completed by the Anderson County Transportation Committee. The road was tarred and gravelled and quite frankly, I don’t think that is adequate for that street. David Rogers has reached out to ACTC to begin the process of making our concerns known, and see what we can do about it. While we certainly appreciate any thing the ACTC does for us, I just feel like we need to revisit this project.”
Several Council members also notified the mayor of the location of several significant potholes to be repaired. Following a twenty minute meeting, the council adjourned to go home and watch the presidential debate.