Pelzer to get 27 new streetlights


During their meeting Tuesday, Pelzer Town Council approved 27 new streetlights and appointed two new members to the planning commission.
Approved to the Planning Commission are Brenda Helmuth and Christopher Baker.

New streetlights will be placed on the following streets: 1 on Reed St.; 4 on Wardlaw St.; 1 on Lewis St.; 1 on Baldwin St.; 6 on Burts St.; 3 on Allen St.; 3 on Blake St.; 1 on Blakely St.; 2 on Woodcock/E Mill; 2 on McClellion St, and 3 on Brock St.
Council approved a three year contract with Duke Energy for the new lighting which will cost the town an additional $271.35 per month. Mayor Will Ragland said most of the new streetlights will be up from Reed Street and will place street lights on almost all streets in the town.
“My goal is to have lights on every street in town by the end of the calendar year,” Ragland said. The remainder of the streets in Pelzer are state roads and will have to be coordinated with Duke Energy and SCDOT, the mayor added.
Council approved a Historic tax credit proposal for the hospital building. Preservation South is working on preliminary items needed in preparation of renovation of the historic building.
Preservation South is also in the process of overseeing the Community Building restoration and renovation. That project includes having the building designated as historic and placed on the National Register as well as having the project approved for textile related SC Tax Credits.
Council also approved $3,000 for fireworks for the 2024 July 4th celebration. Mayor Ragland said the funding will allow organizers to purchase fireworks in advance at a lower cost.