West Pelzer updates business license ordinance


During their meeting Tuesday, West Pelzer Town Council approved first reading on amendments to the business license ordinance.
The amendments bring West Pelzer in compliance with the State Standardization Act regarding business license taxes. The amendments included a standardized business license class schedule recommended by the SC Municipal Association by NAICS Codes and addressed business licenses taxation regarding Billiard or Pool tables.
Billiard and pool tables are subject to business license taxation separate from the gross income of the business and require their own business licenses.
The new code requires a business license tax of $5 per table measuring less than 3.5 feet and 7 feet long and $12.50 per table longer than that.
West Pelzer Police Chief Scott Stoller reported there were six reports with two arrests with charges including speeding over 25 mph, bench warrant service, reckless driving, assault of police officer while resisting arrest and assault and battery.
There were 71 tickets written, two notice to comply issued and nine warnings.