Proof-rolling test done at Gatewood entrance


A fully loaded Williamston Fire Engine was driven across the Gatewood entrance culvert overpass several times while engineers checked for problems Monday morning.

Terry Bragg, an engineer with CoTransco, the consulting and program management firm recently hired by the ACTC inspected the roadway as the fire truck was driven across the culvert overpass. Bragg said there was no indication of stress weakness shown during the test.

Williamston Fire Chief Steve Ellison said the fire truck weighs approximately 32,000 pounds and has an additional 8000 pounds of water.

Bragg said “Proof-rolling can identify the presence of voids or weak areas under the pavement structure which will allow us to better evaluate the condition and safety of the road.”

Bragg said the roadway is safe for emergency vehicles and other traffic. He said officials are have been conducting weekly inspections of the Gatewood entrance location for any evidence that would indicate a change in conditions.

A leachate tanker truck has not been allowed into the subdivision since Gatewood residents expressed concerns about the culvert during a recent town council meeting. The truck is currently dumping at an alternative location on First Street. Smaller waste hauling trucks are using the entrance.