Williamston Planning Commission approves zoning ordinance changes

During their meeting last Tuesday, the Williamston Planning Commission considered several changes in the town’s zoning ordinance and map for clarification of Institutional (INS) and Multifamily Residential/R4 zoning.
According to Planning Commission Chairman Marion Middleton, Jr. There was no definition for the (INS) Institutional Zoning District.
Items were taken from OC and CC, and added some other items that seemed to fit the current and intended usage. The list is properties that are currently zoned INS – Institutional
According to Middleton, the MFR – Multifamily Residential District/R4 – Multifamily Residential District is designated as “MFR – Multifamily Residential District” in the town’s ordinances, but is marked “R4 – Multifamily Residential District.” on the zoning map. The Planning Commission recommended they should be the same and the easiest solution is to amend the zoning map to read “MFR – Multifamily Residential District.
The Planning Commission also addressed HC – Highway Commercial issues. According to Middleton, the basic problem is that appraisers were very concerned about residential property in areas zoned Highway Commercial. “The new ordinance should alleviate those concerns,” Middleton said.
Williamston Town Council approved the recommendations during their regular monthly meeting Monday.