No October Council Meeting for West Pelzer


The Town of West Pelzer recently postponed its October meeting due to a couple of “COVID scares”, in the words of Mayor Blake Sanders. “It was nothing too serious, but we felt it better to err on the side of caution. So in November, we’ll probably revisit COVID and the steps we have taken, as well as talk about the plans for the town’s holiday activities.”

Though there was no council meeting for October, the following information was reported:

West Pelzer Town Clerk Paula Payton reported the Public Works Department completed 17 work orders in the month of September 2020. Work Orders can be submitted online or by calling Town Hall.
The 2019 CCR Water Quality Report is available at on the town website at

Police Chief Alexis Eliopoulos reported the following Crime Stats for September: Reports-32; Arrests-9; traffic related charges – 8; Warrant Served: 1; Trespass after Notice- 1; Disorderly Conduct- 1.
There were 54 Tickets Written; Warnings- 28; Eight grass letters sent out for month of July
Crime stats for September 2019 were 30 reports with 18 arrests. Down 50 % in arrests from last year.
Reminder: If anyone needs to reach an Officer, call 864-947-6297 opt 5 or Anderson County Dispatch 864-260-4444; If it is an emergency please dial 911.